Scented candle Platinum Baobab

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The Platinum scented candle is the brand’s iconic model. Its precious glass reveals the flames, giving your interiors an unmatched glow as it releases a fragrance with fresh notes into your interiors.

Amber - Grapefruit - Vetiver
The amber and musky scents present at the heart of the Platinum scent make it a refined experience to be had. This blend, enriched by grapefruit extract, generates a masculine ambiance as elegant as it is powerful.

Estimated burning
MAX 10 10 cm | 3.9in 60 h 4 wicks 1.35 kg
MAX 16 16 cm | 6.3in 150 h 4 wicks 2.2 kg
MAX 24 24 cm | 9.45in 400 h 5 wicks 5.0 kg