My mattress is too hard. What can I do?

The Featherbed can be perfectly used as a soft topper on a hard or firm mattress. It is guaranteed that it will make the bed more comfortable and pleasant.

What is the difference between a pocketed spring mattress and an inner spring mattress?

The pocketed spring mattress has individual springs that can all independently move and react to the pressure of the body. This provides for an ideal support of the body in every position. The amount of springs is generally indicated per m2. In addition, a pocketed spring mattress can be used on top of an adjustable bed.

The inner spring mattress, also known as Bonell inner spring, consists of bigger, and therefore less springs per m2. The inner springs are separately switched, which can provide for a light wavy feeling. The mattress is a bit lighter and provides for a little less comfort.

What defines the hardness of a mattress?

The hardness of a mattress can vary, dependent of which mattress is chosen. The chosen hardness is dependent of body mass and of course personal preference, because sleeping is very personal. The springs of a new mattress will need some time to adjust before they have reached their right flexibility. This can take 1-2 months.

What is the difference between a hotel boxspring 20 cm and the hotel boxspring premium 25 cm?

Both boxsprings have 130 Bonell inner springs per m² for an ideal support of every type of mattress. The differences between them are the height and the fabrics. The hotel boxspring of 20 cm has upholstery of the Scott Collection. The hotel boxspring of 25 cm has upholstery of the Sahara Collection. If you would like to receive some colour samples, we can send them to you. And of course we can always provide you with some advice by telephone or e-mail.

Mattress toppers

What is a top mattress?

A top mattress is a padded layer you put on top of the mattress. A top mattress like the Featherbed shapes itself perfectly around the body and increases the comfort of the underlying mattress. Furthermore, the top mattress protects the mattress against dust, filth and perspiration, through which it increases the lifespan of the bed. Top mattresses are also called toppers or mattress toppers.

What is the difference between a DOUXE Featherbed and other top mattresses?

There are various top mattresses with many different fillings, such as resilient foam, comfort foam, wool, latex, visco and horsehair. In general, these fillings are experienced as stiff and hardly add anything in terms of extra comfort. By contrast, the Featherbed shapes itself perfectly around the body and provides for a soft, noticeable topper, due to its resilient down and feathers. You could say that ‘it’s like sleeping on a cloud’.

Is a top mattress essential?

A top mattress protects the mattress against dust, filth and perspiration, through which it increases the lifespan of the bed. A top mattress made of down and feathers, like the Original Featherbed, is the finishing touch of you bed and it offers just that extra layer of sensation that you also experience in luxury hotels. It’s like you’re sleeping on a cloud. Furthermore it provides for extra softness and comfort for the lighter body parts and it strengthens the characteristics of your mattress. The annoying gap (pont d’amour) between two single mattresses will also be less noticeable.


I once stayed in a hotel that had Featherbeds. Is yours the same?

The Comfort Featherbed is similar to the hotel Featherbeds and offers the familiar comfort of sleeping in a hotel. The Original Featherbed is a more luxurious version. Due to its unique structure, this model contributes to an extraordinary rich and soft feeling.

What can I do about a mattress that is (too) hard?

The Featherbed can be perfectly used as a soft topper on a hard or solid mattress. It is guaranteed that it will make the bed more comfortable and pleasant.

Is the DOUXE Featherbed suitable for people with back problems?

The soft, resilient structure of the DOUXE Featherbed provides for very good support for the body. Even though DOUXE has never had the Featherbed medically examined, the reactions are positive. Users with back problems indicate that they have experienced pain relief.

What are the main differences between the Comfort Featherbed and the Original Featherbed?

Both the Comfort Featherbed and the Original Featherbed contribute to a delightful feeling of softness to the existing mattresses. The difference between the models is mainly in the composition and the filling weight:

The Comfort Featherbed is filled with 95% feathers and 5% down;The Original Featherbed is filled with 70% feathers and 30% down.

Alongside the difference in filling weight, the higher percentage of down in the Original Featherbed provides for more resilience and a softer support for the body. It supports even the lightest parts of our body.

How do you maintain a Featherbed?

Ventilate your DOUXE Featherbed dailyShake your DOUXE Featherbed regularlyTurn and rotate your DOUXE Featherbeds every week

Use a (cotton) mattress protector and fitted sheet of high quality.

How do you make a Featherbed?

The Featherbed and the mattress can be made as a whole with a flannel fitted sheet and fitted sheet. It is also possible to make the Featherbed with a top mattress protector and fitted topper sheet.

At night I am always cold/hot. Does a Featherbed help?

For both cold and warm sleepers, the Featherbed offers a solution. The filling of down and feathers adapt to the temperature of the bed. The Featherbed offers cosy warmth during the cold nights and very good ventilation during warm nights.

Is a DOUXE Featherbed suitable for people with a dust mite allergy?

DOUXE Featherbeds are NOMITE certified. The NOMITE mark indicates that the product is suitable for people with a house dust mite allergy. Down and feather filled products offer excellent thermal and climatic conditions for humans. They create a very unfavourable environment for house dust mites, which rely on high humidity to live. Read more about theanti-allergic characteristicsof our products.

How long does a delivery take?

The most popular Featherbed sizes are always in stock and will be delivered within 5 working days. Special or irregular sizes will be produced to order and are delivered on appointment, within 4 weeks.

Feathers & Down

What is the origin of the feathers and down that DOUXE uses?

Our feathers and down come from Germany and Eastern Europe (Carpathians). De Glückliche Gänse warranty ensures that the feathers and down of the DOUXE products come from gooses that are bred under natural conditions. This certification guarantees that no bio-industry is used. The animals are kept and fed in a humane way and are not plucked alive.

What is the difference between feathers, down and synthetic?

A natural filling of feathers and down regulates the temperature and ventilates much better. DOUXE synthetic microfiber filling comes from Germany and gives the same light feeling as a down filling. A Synthetic filling provides for a little more resilience and is sometimes perceived as a bit warmer.

What is ecodown or microdown?

A synthetic filling material that offers the same feeling as down fillings.


How do I choose a duvet?

If you like to lie under a heavier duvet, choose a duvet with more feathers and less down, such as the DOUXE Original duvet. This consists of 70% feathers and 30% down. If you prefer to sleep under a lightweight duvet, then the DOUXE Exclusive duvet with 10% feathers and 90% down is the perfect choice. An even more luxurious alternative is the Prestige duvet filled with 100% goose down. If you get cold quickly, an all-year version or the winter version will suffice. For warmer nights, we recommend our summer duvet.

Is a down duvet suitable for someone allergic to house dust mites?

Yes. Duvets filled with down and/or feathers are suitable for people who are allergic to house dust mites. Bedding filled with feathers and down has a very favourable warmth/climate ratio for humans; it ensures faster warming during sleep, and quicker removal of moisture during airing. This makes it a very unfavourable environment for house dust mites, which are dependent on moisture.

The feather- and down-proof high-quality ticking also offers extra protection, preventing the penetration of mites. Even if you are allergic to house dust mites or asthmatic, you do not have to forego the natural sleep comfort offered by down and feathers.

All DOUXE duvets have the NOMITE seal. You can find it on the relevant pages under Certification. The NOMITE label indicates that the product is suitable for house dust mite allergy sufferers.

What size duvet suits my mattress the best?

In general, a duvet should fall down about 20-40 cm on each side of the mattress. This will give the sleeper(s) a royal feeling and it looks good as well. Depending on the length of the bed you can choose a length of 200 cm or 220 cm for your duvet. From a bed length of 210 cm on, we recommend a duvet with a length of 220 cm.


How do I determine the desired hardness of my pillow?

You are a side sleeper

As a side sleeper it is best if you choose a pillow that is medium to hard. You can either choose a synthetic variant or a natural filling of down and feathers. The synthetic variant will generally feel a bit more solid and provides for a little more resilience. A filling of feathers and down ventilates better and provides for a softer support.

You are a back sleeper

Sleeping on the back is by far the best position to sleep in for your back and neck. To make sure that your spine and neck stay in a nice, straight line we recommend choosing a pillow that is medium to hard. The cavity of the neck will then be filled and properly supported. Our hotel size 50x90 cm lends itself extremely well, because the pillow is smaller and thus it provides for a better balance of the filling. The synthetic variant has a more solid feel and provides for a little more resilience. A filling of feathers and down ventilates better and provides for a softer support.

You are a stomach sleeper

If you sleep on your stomach, your neck is always twisted. This is not favourable for your body and we even recommend sleeping without a pillow, or one that is as soft as possible. We have different kinds of soft pillows from which you can choose. A filling with feathers and down provides for the softest support.

I am allergic to down and feathers. What pillow is suitable for me?

Hypersensitivity for down and feathers is very rare. Often a down and feather allergy is confused with house dust mite allergy. All our DOUXE pillows are NOMITE certified. The NOMITE mark indicates that the product is suitable for people with house dust mite allergy. The alternative is a pillow with a synthetic filling such as the Okura or Bilderberg pillow.

Bed Linen

What is thread count?

Thread count is literally the thread density of a fabric and indicates the weaving density of the cotton. A thread count of 300 TC means that it has a thread density of 300 threads per square inch. The higher the TC, the finer the bed linen and its quality. Our linen ranges from 200 TC to 800 TC.

What is the difference between percal and satin?

The difference between percal and satin is the way in which it is woven. Satin has a 1 in 4 binding and percal a 1 in 1 or flat binding. Due to these different weave techniques the fabric feels different. Satin is soft, feels warmer and is easier to maintain. Percal crisps and has a light cooling effect. Hotels normally use percal.

What creases more, satin or percal bed linen?

It is true that percal creases more at first. Through its usage and by washing it, the fibres become more flexible, which means that it will become less creased. What also helps is straightening your bed linen and to let it dry in open air. Percal dries quickly, so it does not have to be put in the dryer. Also follow the washing instructions.

My duvet cover seems a bit too big. What can I do about this?

100% cotton will always shrink a bit after the first time washing it. We have adjusted the size to this. This does not apply to our Egyptian cotton bed linen. This fabric is already prewashed. We recommend always washing the bed linen before use.

What are the washing instructions for the bed linen?

We recommend washing the bed linen inside out at 40°C (max. 60°C). You will get the best result if you hang your bed linen to dry in the open air and ironing is not necessary. You can also dry the bed linen at a low temperature in the drying machine.

Fitted Sheet

How do I know what size fitted sheet I need?

For a perfectly made bed, it is important to know the size of your mattress. Your mattress has a width and length. The height must also be determined. You can choose a fitted sheet with different corner heights. The standard corner height is 30 cm. Take into account any Featherbed and/or topper that you place on the mattress. This will ultimately determine the height of your fitted sheet. For the Featherbed or a standard topper you should choose a corner height of 40 cm.

What is the difference between a fitted sheet and a sheet?

When making the bed, hotels often choose a sheet to put on the mattress, because it is easier to clean and press professionally. We recommend using a fitted sheet at home. It has elastic and is therefore it is easy to make the bed. It is very important to choose the right size in order to avoid shifting.

The fitted sheet that I ordered is too big, what can I do about this?

The bed linen is always a bit bigger than the indicated size, because the cotton will shrink the first couple of times that you wash it. We therefore recommend washing it before usage. You will see that it will fit perfectly afterwards.


What certifications does DOUXE have?

DOUXE values the way in which products are made. The wellbeing of our customers, manufacturers and the animals are of much importance to us. The different certifications that we have, guarantee that DOUXE only uses down and feathers that are acquired in an animal-friendly way. Moreover, our products are suitable for people with a house dust mite allergy.

I would like to have a test sleep. How does this work?

We would be happy to book a test sleep package for you in one of the hotels where our signature beds are located. For example, the Mainport Signature bed can be found in the Mainport Hotel in Rotterdam. Before reserving a test sleep package for you, we would like to know which date and bed you prefer. In this way we can work out a proposal specially made for you. When you purchase the complete bed, you will receive the overnight stay for 2 persons as a discount. You can call or email us for more information.

What if you are allergic to house dust mites?

Our down bed linen is NOMITE certified, which means that it is suitable for people with a house dust mite allergy. Research has shown that a house dust mite does not like to live in down and feathers linen. During this investigation hundreds of homes, bedrooms, beds, blankets and pillows were checked for house dust mites. Almost no house dust mites were found in the feathers and down linen.

What does a turn-down service entail?

If you buy a complete DOUXE Signature bed, you can choose the hotel turn-down service as well. The bed linen will be professionally washed in advance. When we deliver your bed, our housekeeping team will make the bed for you as it is done in luxury hotels. The ultimate five star experience.

Can I try the products of DOUXE somewhere?

In collaboration with a diversity of hotels, DOUXE offers a test sleep package. You will stay in an exclusive hotel and will experience the quality and comfort of a DOUXE Signature bed or one of our other luxurious products. For our collection of featherbeds, duvets and pillows you can also visit one of our DOUXE outlets. Every DOUXE dealer has an Original Featherbed in the showroom. For questions about our box springs, mattresses and bed linen you can contact DOUXE directly.

How long does my warranty last?

Professionals make all DOUXE products with the utmost care and expertise. Every product is thoroughly checked and complies with strict quality guidelines and sustainability requirements. If you still want to make a complaint about the defects of material, construction or manufacturing, DOUXE takes responsibility and will refund the purchase costs, replace or repair the product according to the warranty statement. 

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