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Discover the collection luxury mattresses of hotel quality. Create the comfort of a five-star hotel in your own bedroom.

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Hotel-quality mattresses

At DOUXE, we strive to provide the ultimate sleep experience by offering hotel-quality mattresses, found in the most exclusive hotels. Locally produced in the Netherlands and Belgium according to high-quality standards, our collection features pocket spring mattresses known for their durability and resilience.

Our mattresses from brands like Simmons and Hilding are equipped with layers of cold foam or latex, providing unparalleled comfort akin to a five-star hotel. Additionally, the pocket springs ensure excellent ventilation and moisture wicking, contributing to a fresh and comfortable night's sleep.

Hotel-quality mattresses in Various Sizes

Whether you have a single bed or a king-size bed, DOUXE has the perfect mattress for you. Our mattresses are available in a wide range of sizes, including:

  • Mattresses in 90x200 cm (suitable for a single bed)

  • Mattresses in 140x200 cm (suitable for a double bed)

  • Mattresses in 160x200 cm (suitable for a queen-size bed)

  • Mattresses in 180x200 cm (suitable for a king-size bed)

Besides the standard sizes, we offer extra lengths such as 200x210cm and 200x220cm. The wide range of mattress sizes ensures that you always find a mattress that perfectly fits your bed, body, and sleep needs. Choose the size that suits you and enjoy the luxury and support of a DOUXE mattress.

Mattresses in Various Firmness Levels

At DOUXE, we understand that every sleeper has unique needs. That’s why we offer mattresses in different firmness levels: soft, medium, firm, and extra firm. Back sleepers will enjoy the softness of our soft mattresses, side sleepers will dream away on a medium mattress, and stomach sleepers and those with a higher body weight will benefit from the extra support of our firm mattresses. For those who switch between back, stomach, and side sleeping, our medium option offers the perfect balance between comfort and support.

Try Before You Buy

Experience the comfort of a DOUXE mattress by visiting our showrooms in The Hague and Amsterdam. Here, you can try out different firmness levels and materials to find the one that best suits your sleeping style. Additionally, you’ll find our iconic featherbeds for a true hotel bed experience. Our experts are ready to guide and advise you, ensuring you make the right choice. Simply book an appointment and secure a well-considered purchase that contributes to a better night’s sleep.

Buy the Best Luxury hotel mattresses

At DOUXE, we make it easy to find and buy your perfect mattress. In addition to mattresses, we also offer toppers, box springs, and headboards that can be fully customised to your preferences. From exclusive fabrics to unique headboards, everything contributes to the ultimate sleep experience and the look and quality of a five-star hotel. Enjoy the unparalleled luxury and comfort of DOUXE and bring the true hotel experience into your home.