Home Series with Marloes

Marloes van Marmeren currently works at Van Tilburg Woman fashion. Here she is responsible for purchasing and creative matters. For the DOUXE Home Series we went to her gorgeous home. 

How important is your home space to you?

Very important, I am always busy with work and on the road. I'm constantly surrounded by people and get stimuli all day long, so when I'm at home I really want to relax. I crave the luxury that hotels bring at home too. My ultimate relaxing place is at home surrounded by nature. I recharge here after a busy day at work. It’s also a place for family and friends to meet and spend quality time together. Most of my friends live in the Randstad area, quite a distance from Nistelrode, Brabant, so our house should really be an oasis of tranquility, enjoyment and at the same time a place for getting together.

What are you after when you create your bed- and bathroom environment?

For me, our bedroom is the room where I recharge. The ultimate relaxation place where our bed is the focal point, the place of absolute comfort. Spacious and clean with not too much furniture, shelves and other objects that create distractions. Fresh air is very important to me, so our bedroom has a large sliding wall that gives access to a small patio. It hasn't been decorated yet, but I'm going to make this our little green hideaway. A small tropical patio, full of green plants and just a bit sheltered from the big garden behind it. 

The bathroom is where I start my day. This is where I take an extensive shower and start my beauty ritual. I am a true beauty fan and love creams, oils, make-up and perfume. I can really enjoy this ritual but I can also take my time in the evening. I relax in a bath after a hard day’s work, love to light a few candles and create my own hotel spa. I truly fell in love with the candles of Baobab. St. Tropez is my favorite and brings an instant holiday vibe. After the bath, I immediately wrap the fluffy towels of DOUXE around me and my luxury spa experience is complete.

How is this similar to choosing hotels when you are away?

Hotels are one big source of inspiration for me. It's great to be in a totally different environment than at home every now and then. But with a good spa, that's a must for me. And preferably in a place where you can easily walk into town or be close to the beach. Because we live surrounded by nature, I think it's really luxurious to walk straight from the hotel to the beach.

How do you create that luxurious feeling at home?

By using luxurious materials alternated with warm materials. In our house, for example, we have a lot of marble and onyx interspersed with walnut and warm light. Beautiful linen curtains in light terra colours with sand-coloured microcement floors. Material makes it or breaks it, everything I sit on and sleep on has to be comfortable and soft.

Tips for others when designing your dream house?

Use Pinterest to collect all your inspiration first. Then make boards per room to get an overview and look for different materials. Combine hard and soft and see what certain colours do together. Now that our house is finished, I still secretly love to be on Pinterest every now and then.