Conservatorium Hotel Featherbed | Down Mattress topper

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Conservatorium Hotel Featherbed 
When you dream away on one of the hotel beds of the Conservatorium Hotel, you sink into the soft, down topper before you land on the mattress. You make the featherbed together with your mattress and create a soft top layer. This featherbed immediately upgrades your mattress. The composition is a mix of 70% goose feathers and 30% goose down, which is provided with the DOWNPASS certificate. 

This luxurious mix has been specially formulated for home use. The featherbed now needs to be shaken lightly not every day, but every week. This way your topper retains its delicious, full volume and shape.

This product has been specially produced for the Conservatorium Home Collection.


Product group



10 cm

Material padding

70% Feathers, 30% Down

Material casing

100% cotton

Anti allergy


Country of origin


Quality label

DOWNPASS, Standard by Oeko-Tex 100

Frequently asked questions

Is a featherbed the solution for a hard mattress?

No, a featherbed is a comfort layer. The featherbed provides ultimate support for your body and reduces pressure on your joints.

What is the difference between a featherbed and other mattress toppers?

There are many types of mattress toppers on the market with various fillings such as cold foam, wool, comfort foam, latex, memory foam, and horsehair. These fillings are generally perceived as firm and add little in terms of extra comfort. In contrast, the Featherbed, with its resilient filling of down and feathers, molds perfectly to the body and provides a soft, palpable top layer. It is often said that "the Featherbed feels like lying on a cloud."

What are the differences between the Comfort Featherbed and the Original Featherbed?

Both the Comfort Featherbed and the Original Featherbed add a delightful feeling of softness to the existing mattress(es). The difference between the models lies mainly in the composition and the fill weight:

The Comfort Featherbed is filled with 95% feathers and 5% down.

The Original Featherbed is filled with 70% feathers and 30% down.

In addition to the difference in fill weight, the higher percentage of down in the Original Featherbed provides more resilience and softer support to the body. It even supports the lightest parts of our bodies.

Is a featherbed suitable for people with house dust mite allergies?

DOUXE Featherbeds are NOMITE certified. The NOMITE certification indicates that the product is suitable for people with dust mite allergies. Products filled with feathers and down have favorable climatic properties for humans. However, this environment is highly unfavorable for dust mites, which depend on humidity. Learn more about the anti-allergenic properties of our products.

I am always cold/always hot at night. Does a Featherbed help?

For both cold and warm sleepers, the Featherbed offers a solution. The filling of feathers and down adjusts well to the temperature of the bed. The Featherbed provides cozy warmth during cold nights and excellent ventilation during warm nights.

I slept on a featherbed in a hotel. Is yours the same?

The Comfort Featherbed is comparable to hotel featherbeds and provides the familiar comfort of a hotel stay. The Original Featherbed is a more luxurious variant. Due to its unique composition, this model offers an exceptionally rich and soft feeling.

Is the featherbed suitable for people with back problems?

The soft, resilient composition of the DOUXE Featherbed provides very good support to the body. Although DOUXE has never had the featherbed medically examined, the feedback is positive. Users report experiencing relief with the featherbed for a sensitive back.