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The Inntel Lxry Bed was especially crafted for Inntel Hotels. Designed to offer ultimate comfort with a pocket spring boxspring and mattress, HR comfort foam mattress topper and a soft cushioning featherbed as the last layer of luxury.

Personalise your Inntel Lxry Bed and choose your preferred size and colour boxspring and upholstered mattress. 

The Inntel Lxry Bed was developed with care and craftmanship and build up by the following layers:

Hotel Boxspring:
This especially high solid wooden boxspring with a Bonell pocket spring interior ensures a sustainable base for this bed.

Pocket spring upholstered mattress:
The pocket spring mattress has 7 comfort zones with 300 individual springs per m2. This offers optimal support to the body where it is actually needed.

Top mattress:
The mattress topper is used to create an extra layer comfort. The Inntel Lxry Mattress topper is made from a durable high resilient foam.

Original Featherbed:
The featherbed is the finishing touch for ultimate cushioning comfort. The featherbed has a 70% feathers and 30% down blend originating from Europe and of the highest class.



65 cm

Delivery time

4 - 6 weeks


Inntel Hotels

Country of origin

The Netherlands