How do you turn your bed into a true luxury hotel bed

How do you turn your bed into a true luxury hotel bed


Now, what is a five-star hotel bed anyway. I remember watching an episode of Oprah ages ago in which the queen of all talkshows asks Julia Roberts her secret to a perfect nights’ sleep. Julia’s answer is quick and simple “A Four Seasons bed”. “But what is the deal?” “Is it the sheets or the bed?” They both conclude; “It’s the combo”! Most of us define a night in a five-star hotel bed as the ultimate sleep experience. A bed so comfy, you do not want to get out of it. With reason, because these beds are in a league of their own. So, what is the secret? Truth is, it is not just the sheets or the bed in solitude. The number one reason guests prefer the one hotel over the other, is the bed. This is especially true for business travelers. Hence, the bed better be incredible. Each layer of these beds is bigger, softer and more memorable. If you want to create this mystical sleep at home, keep on reading.

Discover the comfort of king-size beds

The first thing that stands out in luxury hotel rooms is the bed. Poof, there it is, a super king-size bed with an extra thick mattress of 25 or even 30 cm. You do not step into this bed. No, you need a gentle jump to get into it. Which, of course, we pull off with a dash of elegance. On top of these extra thick mattresses you will find a super soft featherbed as an extra layer of cushioning comfort. The duvet is extra wide and can if preferred be tucked under the mattress. And of course to complete the experience there is an astounding number of pillows for an ultra-sumptuous result.

The pillow menu please

When they say less is more, they were not talking about pillows. Typically, your hotel bed will be equipped with two to four down pillows and two fibre-filled pillows for plenty of options. This is complemented by two body or reading pillows. But it doesn’t stop there. Hotel pillows are wider, with 90cm or even 100 cm being the standard. These pillows do not only look better and more luxurious as they cover the entire width of the bed. They are also much more comfortable, offering support where it is actually needed with a lower height of 50 cm. The distribution of the filling in 50x90 or 50x100 sized pillows makes sure to support your neck in the right places. To be honest, I have sworn off standard sized pillows a long time ago. Think about it, your head only covers a small part of the surface. You do not need to have all that space in height. The length however cannot be long enough. If I turn around I want my pillow to still be there.

Why sleep when you can float

Did you ever hear someone say, “this bed is too fluffy”? A high-quality mattress in your hotel room is essential for a good night’s sleep, but even the best mattresses can be upgraded. To make a guests’ sleeping experience even more memorable, a featherbed is added as the cherry on top. The authentic hotel bed experience. If an upgrade sparks your interest read another blog here about featherbeds.

Heavenly white Egyptian Cotton

White is by far the most commonly used colour for hotel linens and bedding. Not only does it look fresh and clean, it gives the bed centre stage. As if inviting you to forget about exploring the city and instead jump into it and cocoon yourself in the dreamy sheeting. Sounds familiar?

Crispy hotel sheets

Ah yes, those crispy and fresh sheets every day. Made up by housekeeping with perfection, leaving you a little turn-down sweet that makes you forget all about your Keto diet. This is so easy to re-create in your own bedroom. Simply treat yourself to 100% cotton sheets with a percale weave and high thread count. Percale woven cotton creates this crispy feeling and a high thread count establishes fabric that feels soft and subtle to the skin. If you are someone who aims for the moon and shoots for the stars, go for Egyptian percale cotton with a Thread Count of 400 or 800.

Fluffy down duvets

For that ultra-plush, truly heavenly hotel bed feel, it’s all about an extra fluffy down (or down alternative) duvet. 100% down duvets are the most airy and light but keep you comfortably warm. Look for an insert that’s 2 inches wider and longer than your duvet cover for an ultra-sumptuous result.