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Percal weave of 100% Egyptian cotton for the ultimate hotel experience

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Luxury hotel quality Egyptian cotton bed linen for your home

Most people describe spending a night in luxury hotel beds as the ultimate sleeping experience. A bed so comfortable and bed linen so heavenly that you don't want to leave it. Egyptian cotton is considered one of the highest quality and most luxurious raw materials for textiles in the world. That is why it is a popular choice for bed linen in five-star hotels. With bed linen from DOUXE, you can also enjoy this luxurious hotel quality at home. Egyptian cotton is perceived as soft and durable. Bed linen from DOUXE is made with 100% certified Egyptian cotton.

What is Egyptian cotton?

Egyptian cotton distinguishes itself from other types of cotton because it feels wonderfully soft and lasts a long time. Egyptian cotton comes from the Gossypium Barbaden species and has the characteristic of having one of the longest natural threads in the world. These long threads create a flexible and unbroken yarn Egyptian cotton is therefore extra strong, very durable and feels very soft.

What is the secret of Egyptian cotton?

The unique climate

The climate, the fibre and the production process ensure the unique softness and superior quality of Egyptian cotton. As the name suggests, Egyptian cotton comes from... Egypt! The fibres used for Egyptian cotton can only grow in a specific climate. The Nile Delta, with its moist, rich soil, many hours of sunshine and cool nights offers the perfect environment for this. This enormously fertile area provides the cotton plants with ideal growing conditions and a constant supply of nutrients. As a result, the fibres in the plants grow faster and especially longer.

The long fibres

The extra long fibre is what distinguishes Egyptian cotton from regular cotton. This (extra) long fibre is in fact a super strong and incredibly soft fibre. The longer the fibre grows, the thinner and smoother it becomes. Various steps in the production process then provide the ideal conditions for a soft and pure top-quality end product. Egyptian cotton is picked by hand, which means that the cotton fibres are selected with great care and are less likely to break. This ultimately has a positive effect on the quality of the cotton. The cotton fibres are then combed, so that loose fibres and particles are removed. After that the cotton is spun into yarn without any impurities. A very important process. Cotton that is not properly spun contains impurities that remain visible in the fabric of the end product. Over time, these impurities compromise the quality of the material and cause the fabric to pill. The quality of the fabric also depends to a large extent on the quantity of threads used.

The refined production process

Egyptian cotton does not have a "seal of approval" like champagne. There is therefore widespread abuse by producers who label their cotton as Egyptian cotton but do not offer the quality and advantages of pure Egyptian cotton. The Egyptian Cotton Association guarantees the authenticity of Egyptian cotton by verifying all products claiming the label Egyptian cotton with a 'DNA certification process'. It goes without saying that all Egyptian cotton products from DOUXE are 100% DNA certified and can therefore bear the Egyptian Cotton™ trademark. 

What makes our Egyptian cotton bed linen hotel quality?

DOUXE is originally a hotel brand delivering to the finest hotels. Our team of young professionals knows what is going on in the field of sleeping. We are inspired by international leading hotels and use the most beautiful, natural materials such as 100% Egyptian cotton. It is our mission to bring the real hotel feeling into your home and offer you a heavenly sleeping experience.

Many manufacturers add softeners which make products look nice and soft, but feel coarse and rough after just a few washes. With Egyptian cotton, it is exactly the other way around. With every wash, Egyptian cotton becomes softer and more supple. DOUXE Egyptian Cotton bed linen is manufactured in Portugal and produced from 100% certified Egyptian Cotton. With this high quality, DOUXE bed linen offers a lasting ultimate five-star feeling. A good night's sleep is in store with these beautiful duvet sets. Tested many times over in the best hotels.

Percal Egyptian cotton

Percal has a 'simple' weave. It is airy, it breathes and it absorbs moisture. Percal feels fresh and cooling and has a more casual look due to its matte finish. The quality of percal from DOUXE gets better with every wash. Advantages of percal are:

  • The real 'crispy sheets' hotel feeling;
  • The breathability (cooling effect);
  • The casual/matt look.

How to take care of your Egyptian cotton duvet cover?

For the care of your Egyptian cotton duvet cover we recommend

  • Wash at a maximum of 40 degrees;
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach;
  • Choose a gentle washing programme;
  • Let the fabric air dry instead of putting it in the dryer;
  • Choose a low temperature when ironing.