Exclusive Winter Duvet - 90% Down

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The Exclusive Winter Duvet is lightweight and will keep you comfortably warm during the colder fall and winter nights. The duvet has a baffle box design and its quality is a cut above the average. The sustainable filling comprises of 90% Down and 10% Feathers and the cover is made of 100% soft down-proof cotton.The filling is DOWNPASS certified down and feathers.

Important features
Lightweight - 100% natural - non-allergic - long lifespan - excellent temperature & air regulation.


Product group




Material padding

90% Down, 10% Feathers

Type duvet

Exclusive Winter

Anti allergy


Season collection

4 seasons

Country of origin


Quality label

DOWNPASS, Standard by Oeko-Tex 100

Material casing

100% cotton

Frequently asked questions

How do I choose the right duvet?

If you like to lie under a somewhat heavier duvet, choose a duvet with more feathers and a little less down, such as the DOUXE Original duvet. It consists of 70% feathers and 30% down. If you prefer a lightweight duvet, the DOUXE Exclusive duvet with 10% feathers and 90% down is perfect. An even more luxurious alternative is the Prestige duvet filled with 100% down. If you get cold easily, an all-year variant is sufficient or you can opt for the winter version. For warmer nights, we recommend our summer duvet.

What size duvet do I need?

Are you in need of a new duvet and don't know which size suits you best? Then the mattress size is a good starting point. The size of your duvet will always be slightly larger than that of your mattress. This is because the duvet will hang over the edge of your bed at both the sides and bottom.

For an average single bed, a duvet is 140 cm wide and 220 cm long

For an average double bed, a duvet is 240 cm wide x 220 cm long

Is your mattress 160 cm or 180 cm wide? Then choose a duvet 240 cm wide

Is your mattress 200 cm wide? Then choose a duvet 260 cm wide

Does your mattress have a length of 200, 210 or 220 cm? Then choose a 220 cm duvet

What should I consider I am looking for a new duvet?
  • Heat and moisture regulation: do you feel hot or cold more often at night?
  • Duvet weight: do you prefer a light or slightly heavier duvet?
  • Duvet filling: do you choose down, a down and feather combination or do you prefer to sleep under an imitation down duvet such as one with synthetic microfibres?
  • Durability: The natural filling of DOUXE down duvets retains its resilience well. DOUXE uses Class 1 feathers and down. Due to good ventilation, a natural filling of feathers down lasts a very long time. DOUXE also offers several synthetic duvets, with an Ecodown filling such as the Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam duvet, made of 100% microfibres that feels like down.
  • Allergy-free: are you allergic to house dust mites? Research has shown that house dust mites do not like living in down and feather bedding. Down duvets are highly breathable and temperature-regulating. Moisture and perspiration are quickly wicked away, keeping the duvet relatively dry. Therefore, it is a very unfavourable habitat for house dust mites, which depend on moisture and sultry conditions. The down-proof ticking is an impenetrable barrier for mites, this makes DOUXE's down duvets allergy-friendly.
  • Hotel experience: have you slept in a specific hotel and want the exact same sleeping comfort? That's possible, at DOUXE we offer you the same duvets used at the Pulitzer Amsterdam, Hotel Okura, Bilderberg and Hotel Mainport.
What is the difference between a down duvet and a duvet with synthetic filling?

A natural filling of feathers and down regulates temperature better and ventilates better. DOUXE synthetic microfibres filling comes from Germany and gives the same airy feel as a down filling. A synthetic filling offers slightly more resilience and is sometimes perceived as slightly warmer.

What is the difference between the Prestige, Exclusive and the Original All Year duvet?

Want to experience the real fluffy hotel feeling? Then choose the Exclusive duvet. With 90% down, a wonderfully lightweight and airy duvet. Pure luxury.

The Prestige All Year Duvet is filled with 100% goose down of the highest quality. The Prestige duvet is the ultimate in luxury and comfort for all year round.

The Original All Year Duvet is filled with 30% duck down and 70% duck feathers. Luxury hotels offer their guests ultimate sleeping comfort thanks to this duvet.

How are down duvets composed?

Our hotel duvets are composed of down and feathers, which provide good insulation, ventilation and temperature regulation.

100% down: the DOUXE Prestige duvet is the ultimate in luxury and comfort for all-year round. The supple goose down duvet is super-soft and very lightweight thanks to the 100% down, but also insulates well and is therefore wonderfully warm. The down-proof ticking with luxurious cotton batiste feels silky-soft to the skin. The Prestige Duvet comes in an all-year and winter version.

90% down and 10% feathers: the DOUXE Exclusive duvet is a lightweight duvet of above-average quality. The filling consists of 90% goose down which makes for a lightweight duvet with good insulation. The 10% feathers make the duvet slightly heavier than the Prestige duvet. Because of the 10% feathers, there is slightly more air in the compartments and this makes the Exclusive duvet feel cooler than the Prestige duvet. The cover is made of 100% soft (down-proof) cotton.

70% feathers and 30% down: With a 70% feather to 30% down ratio, the higher percentage of feathers makes for a weighty and full duvet. At the same time, a higher filling of feathers makes the duvet less insulating and therefore cooler to the touch. The percentage of down ensures that the duvet insulates sufficiently for comfortable warmth during the night. Thanks to a perfect ratio of both down and feathers, this is a richly filled Original All Year, Original All Year Plus or Mainport duvet, perfect for a good night's sleep.

Do I choose a summer duvet, winter duvet or a 4-season duvet?

Which duvet suits you best depends on your personal preferences. Is your bedroom often hot or cold? Do you get cold easily during the night or often very hot? In addition, the weight of the duvet is an important part of the selection process.

The duvet filling plays a big role in making a good choice. The higher the down percentage of the duvet, the warmer and lighter it is. The more feathers, the cooler but heavier your duvet will feel.

Do you get cold easily during the night? Then a duvet with a high down percentage or a winter version will suit you. For a lightweight but warm duvet, the Original down duvet is the perfect choice. If you prefer a heavier duvet, the Exclusive duvet in its winter version is ideal.

Do you feel hot quickly? Then choose the Exclusive All Year duvet if you want a lightweight duvet. A heavier duvet that really hugs but still feels cool is the All Year Original duvet. For warm summer nights, we recommend an Original or Exclusive Summer duvet. The durable down and feather filling and 100% cotton ticking (down-proof) ensure excellent ventilation. The perfect alternative to a sheet combined with a blanket on balmy summer nights.

What are the advantages of hotel-quality duvets?

To match the ultimate hotel experience, all duvets are made of high-quality materials. Varying in filling and made from different raw materials: there is something for everyone. Experience a luxurious hotel bed in your own bedroom with DOUXE's premium duvets. Sleep soundly under the hotel collection of DOUXE duvets. This collection of luxury hotel quality has been specially developed for DOUXE and is produced in Austria.

Is a down duvet suitable for someone with a house dust mite allergy?

Yes, definitely! Duvets filled with down and/or feathers are suitable for people who are allergic to house dust mites. Bedding filled with feathers and down has a very favourable heat-climate ratio for humans; it allows for faster warming while sleeping, and faster moisture removal while airing. This makes it a very unfavourable environment for house dust mites that depend on humidity levels.

The feather- and down-proof high-quality ticking also provides extra protection, preventing mites from entering. Even if you are allergic to house dust mites or asthmatic, you do not have to renounce the natural sleeping comfort offered by down and feathers.

All DOUXE duvets have the NOMITE seal. The NOMITE seal indicates that the product is suitable for house-dust-mite-allergy sufferers.

What is the origin of feathers and down?

Our feathers and down come from Germany and Eastern Europe (Carpathians). Certified feathers and down with a zero tolerance standard. All feathers and down products from DOUXE have the Downpass certificate and can be traced with a unique control number. The Downpass certificate guarantees that the feathers and down are produced responsibly and come from strictly controlled and traceable supply chains. Animal welfare and transparency of the supply chain is key. With the Downpass certificate, you can be sure that no live plucked or force-fed animals have been used for the products.