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Discover the collection luxury mattresses of hotel quality. Create the comfort of a five-star hotel in your own bedroom.

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Luxury mattresses of hotel quality

Sleeping well starts with a good quality mattress. To replicate the experience of daydreaming in a hotel bed at home, a hotel-quality mattress is the key. With a pocket spring mattress of hotel quality, you can create the luxury and comfort of a five-star hotel in your own bedroom.

What is a pocket spring mattress?

A pocket spring mattress is a firm and resilient mattress with hollow cores. These hollow cores are metal springs and vary in quantity from 260 springs to almost 700 springs per square meter. Thanks to these hollow cores, the mattress ventilates better than, for example, a foam mattress and it also retains less moisture.

Which pocket sprung mattress is right for me?

DOUXE offers five different types of pocket spring mattresses, in five different heights, within three luxury collections. Depending on your sleeping position and personal preferences, you can make the right choice.

The pocket springs can be positioned so that they are more flexible at the height of the shoulders and firmer at the hips. This ensures a perfect pressure distribution and you can choose for extra firmness and also for the placement of your preferred firmness.

What makes DOUXE mattresses hotel quality?

We have chosen pocket spring mattresses in our collections, which are available with or without a top layer. The desired top layers consist of cold foam Pantera® comfort foam or Elivea comfort padding and offer a very refined and exclusive lying comfort. In addition, we have a small selection of Suitenings Latex mattresses that can be experienced in a large number of Sofitel hotels.

A five-star hotel mattress in your own bedroom

Do you sleep better and deeper when you stay in a luxury hotel? Chances are that this is due to the high quality of the hotel mattress. DOUXE helps you to create that perfect sleeping experience in your own home. Our mattress collection consists of pocket sprung and latex mattresses, with a wide choice of different covering layers. With a long life, perfect ventilation and personalised pressure distribution through the positioning of the springs, every mattress is a dream.

What is the difference between a DOUXE mattress and other mattresses?

The modern and luxurious hotel mattresses from DOUXE offer you an optimal sleeping comfort. All our mattresses are designed for long life and with the aim of providing you with a perfect combination of comfort, luxury and sleeping pleasure. The mattresses have pocket springs at their core and are covered with cold foam or latex and finished with a high-quality cover. The various cold foam, comfort foam and latex toppings available mould perfectly to the body and provide a soft, tactile top layer for your pocket spring mattress.

Mattress with 260 pocket springs per m2

The 260 pocket spring mattress, consists of 260 springs per square meter. This double-sided spring mattress is part of the exclusive Hilding Anders hotel collection. The combination of the pocket spring core with the comfortable HR foam layer guarantees perfect body support and optimal sleeping comfort.

Mattress with 300 pocket springs per m2

With 300 pocket springs per square metre, the DOUXE 7-zone pocket spring mattress is a pleasure to lie on. The extra-thick 25 cm hotel mattress was initially developed specifically for use in four and five-star hotels. The exclusive pocket spring mattress is made up of 300 individually packaged, barrel-shaped 6-springs per m2 (thermally hardened) divided into 7 comfort zones. Thanks to the pressure-reducing Pantera® comfort foam, you lie like a princess on a resilient and stable mattress that moulds itself perfectly to your body contours.

Mattress with 400 pocket springs per m2

The superior pocket 25 and royal pocket 27 mattresses are a dream to fall asleep on. Thanks to the 400 pocket springs per square meter, you will enjoy a wonderful night's sleep.

Mattress with High-Low multipocket springs

This luxurious mattress has a core of no less than 690 High-Low multipocket springs per square meter. The high and low springs are alternately positioned in the core of the hotel quality mattress. Thanks to this technique, you experience unequalled comfort and stability. To increase your sleeping comfort even more, the High-Low Multipocket Springs is finished with a top layer of high-quality cold foam on which you can dream away. The cover - made from organic cotton, Alpaca wool and silk - is lovingly crafted and hand-stitched.

Mattress with Air Spring® Pocket Spring Interior

Our Air Spring pocket spring mattress is used by the hotel guests of the Pulitzer Amsterdam. The innovative Air Spring® pocket spring interior offers you medium-firm support and first-class sleeping comfort. Thanks to the Elivea® comfort padding, you will enjoy refined support for sensitive pressure points on your body. The quilted cover gives your mattress an exclusive look.

How long does a pocket spring mattress last?

After 10 years, a pocket spring mattress does not show any signs of metal fatigue. The lifespan is partly determined by the quality of the covering foam on the pocket springs, the thickness of the mattress, but also by your personal characteristics. For example, body weight or the amount of perspiration per night. To prolong the life of your mattress, it is important to turn it over regularly and air it well every day by folding your duvet towards the foot end. A top cover mattress will also give your mattress a longer lifespan, because the top layer protects your pocket spring mattress more.