Hotel Pillows

You will be spoiled for choice if you are looking for the perfect pillow. At DOUXE you can find the ultimate hotel pillow with king-size comfort. Our hotel pillow is sized 50cm in height and 90cm in width, which ensures sublime support and an excessive feeling of luxury for your guests. The filling can be produced according to your wishes with natural goose feathers & down or a synthetic alternative with micro fibers. DOUXE pillows are produced in our factory in Austria with filling of the highest quality. Durability and care for people and nature is paramount and therefore our products are all Downpass certified. In addition, we have a collection of pillows made of recycled feathers & down.

DOUXE offers a wide range of pillows sizes, including body pillows, and filling power. We will determine the right pillow firmness for your guests and are an expert in producing a selection of a la carte pillows for the pillow menu. Adding your hotel brand with a label is the cherry on the cake, making it your signature pillow collection.

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