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Experience the luxury and comfort of a five-star hotel experience at home with hotel-quality velvety towels. We offer a wide range of bath towels, from guest towels to extra-large bath towels.

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Luxury hotel-quality towels in your own home

With hotel-quality towels, you can enjoy a touch of luxury in your own bathroom. Experience the luxury and comfort of a five-star hotel experience at home with a velvety-soft, hotel-quality towel set.

What makes a hotel towel feel so luxurious?

Do you recognise that wonderful feeling when you wrap yourself in a heavy, soft towel in a hotel? The top-quality towels you find in five-star hotels are known for their high absorbency and luxurious spa feel. Thanks to the luxurious weight of cotton, hotel quality towels feel very soft and comfortable. The high quality combed and durable cotton provides that recognisable luxurious experience.

DOUXE towels for the ultimate hotel experience at home

The DOUXE hotel quality bath range offers you bath textiles with luxurious top quality for your own bathroom. DOUXE towels are made of high-quality cotton and are finished with a luxurious classic timeless border. This is why you will find our velvety DOUXE hotel towels in exclusive hotels.

Thanks to their weight of 700 grams, they feel extra luxurious and comfortable - just like you would expect from a five-star hotel. The zero-twist, or untwisted yarn, makes the towel extremely soft and fluffy. Our hotel towels are carefully manufactured in Portugal. If durability and luxury are at the top of your list, then the DOUXE towels will be an absolute asset to you.

What does a good quality cotton towel need to fulfil?

With a good quality towel you will create a luxurious experience in your own bathroom. Not only the look is important, but also the quality of your towel, as this ensures that you can enjoy it for a long time. But what makes a good quality towel?

Types of bath cotton

All DOUXE hotel quality hand towels are made of 100% cotton; a natural, skin-friendly product of high quality with good absorption capacity. In addition, you will also find towels made of Egyptian cotton, such as Mirabel Slabbinck towels.

Absorb moisture

After bathing, cotton is perfect for drying because it absorbs moisture superbly. With a cotton terry, loops are woven between the cotton threads. This is an important step in the process, because it creates the typical structure of terry cloth. This is also known as 'fratté'. These loops increase the surface area of the cotton fibre, as it were, and enable the fabric to absorb moisture even better.

Towel weight

The weight of towels is expressed in grams per square metre and is also known as GSM (Grams per Square Metre). The higher the GSM, the thicker and more luxurious the towel feels. Our DOUXE hotel-quality towels have a fill weight of at least 680 GSM, so that all towels absorb moisture perfectly and feel velvety soft.

Combed cotton with zero twist

Towels made of combed cotton remain strong and do not become fluffy. With combed cotton, the fibres are combed to remove shorter threads and impurities. This leaves only the strongest and longest threads to be woven into the bath towel. This process guarantees durability of your towels. With the zero- and low-twist towels, a special technique is used in which the cotton fibres are not twisted but woven, without breaking the fibres. The zero- and low-twist makes for extra soft, fluffy towels.

Hem finish

Our hotel quality towels are finished with a double hem and are double-stitched. This makes the hem extra strong and the towels last longer.

Everything you need with the complete DOUXE Towel Set

Bring the real spa feeling into your home with the luxurious DOUXE hotel quality towels. The carefully crafted towels are available both as a complete set and individually. The hand towel set made of 100% combed cotton of the finest quality consists of a face cloth, a guest towel, a hand towel and a bath towel. All towels have a filling weight of 680 GSM (grams per square metre), have a zero twist and are super absorbent. So you can turn your own bathroom into a luxury spa.

Guest towel 40x60 cm

Bath towel 50x100 cm

Bath sheet 70x140 cm

Extra large bath sheet 100x150 cm

Tips for washing your hotel towels

How to enjoy your luxurious hotel towels for a longer time? Your towels can be easily washed and dried so that they are quickly ready for use again.

We recommend washing your towels without fabric softener at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius for the first time. This gives them the ability to absorb moisture and makes the fibres velvety soft.

After the first use, wash your towels in the washing machine with similar colours at a maximum of 60 degrees in a modestly loaded machine. If you can easily hold your hand above the towels in the machine, you can be sure that the machine is not overloaded.

You can wash the towels with a mild detergent. Only a little bit of detergent and fabric softener is needed, then no soap residue will remain in the cotton. This ensures the cleanest result and your towels stay soft and wonderful for a long time.

For the velvety soft feel, we recommend tumble drying your towels at a low temperature so that the cotton fibres remain intact. Thanks to the zero-twist and higher GSM, your towels will come out of the dryer wonderfully fluffy. Would you rather air dry your towels? That's possible! Thanks to the high quality, your towels will remain soft even when air-dried.

When is it time to change your towels?

Good quality towels last for a very long time. When you need to change them depends partly on your personal preference. Experts say that it is best to replace towels every two years. If you are not sure whether you need a new set, we have these tips for you:

Do the towels still absorb moisture quickly and sufficiently?

If you have to run them over your body several times to get them dry, this could mean that the towels are not absorbing enough moisture and need to be replaced.

Unpleasant odours immediately after use

A good towel will smell fresh again after a good wash and will continue to do so after a drying session. Does your towel soon smell unpleasant? Then it is time to replace the towel.

Frayed edges or tears in your towel?

Your towels are regularly used, washed and often dried in the dryer. The better the quality of your towel, the longer it will last. If after a few years of use the edges start to fray or other damage occurs, it is best to replace your towels.