Pulitzer Amsterdam - A historical gem

Pulitzer Amsterdam - A historical gem

When I walked into the Pulitzer Amsterdam the first time, I felt a hint of nostalgia coming over me. The style and atmosphere of this hotel is unlike any other. The hotel is filled with hidden corners, staircases and marble hallways where Dutch merchants used to step into their upper-class homes during the golden ages. A great place for hide and seek I tell you. For kids or for us adults who just don’t want to grow up.

If you think of how this hotel was established, it is pretty amazing. It started with a visionary view “The house of your neighbor is for sale only once”. And that is exactly what Mr Pulitzer did back in the 60’s, 25 of them to be exact. Together with KLM and Heineken he bought 25 Canal houses on the most premium spot in Amsterdam. What is even more incredible about this setup, is that it is all interlaced with an adjoining garden between the houses on Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht. It is safe to say that such a stunt would be impossible these days. Staying at the Pulitzer Amsterdam is not your average hotel stay. Situated next to the nine streets, you can truly experience how it is to live in the cosy city of Amsterdam.

The hotel was beautifully renovated 3 years ago. Jacu Strauss was responsible for this distinctive interior design. To describe the style, I would have to say a modern twist of Dutch classic heritage. The oldest five-star hotel in Amsterdam feels more like a lively museum with award-winning tasty cocktails, delicious latte and poached eggs with avocado on toast. That’s my kind of museum.

Top notch service

That homely feel is embraced and carried out by the Pulitzer employees. Five-star service without lifted noses, but down to earth personal Dutch hospitality. If you make your way through the hotel, it feels like home. The extra luxury of being served on the wink is a nice accessory though.

Pulitzer Home Collection

Us, who enjoy the finer things in life would love to experience actual five-star comfort every day. So, when Pulitzer decided to launch a Pulitzer Home shop, we were over the moon. We can now bring this unique luxury hotel collection, created exclusively for the Pulitzer Amsterdam, to your homes. Check out the collection here if you want to make a bedroom-statement or if you simply want to sleep like the royals do.

Dream Big.