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Dreaming away on a cloud cover of down and feathers or synthetic filling? The featherbed is the luxury hotel item for your home. Upgrade your bed with a luxurious top cover mattress.

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Nothing resembles sleeping in a five-star hotel bed than adding a featherbed on top of your mattress. To date it remains a well-kept secret of five-star hotels. These luxury hotels add a featherbed as a top mattress to wow guests with an unbelievably soft bed and an exceptional night's sleep. The evenly distributed feathers and down ensure just the right support and comfort that can be best described as sleeping on a cloud.

The toppers

Featherbeds have been around for ages. In the olden days featherbeds were a luxury item reserved only for the wealthy. A pride possession that would remain a family asset and treasured for generations. Luckily times have changed and everyone who enjoys an incredibly soft sleeping experience can possess one of their own.

Which featherbed is my best match?

The Comfort featherbed has a blend of 95% feathers and 5% down in the filling. If you are looking for the featherbed you experienced in a hotel, I dare say that this is the exact composition you are looking for. Before you make your decision, you need to be prepared to take care of the best nature has to offer. This featherbed needs frequent fluffing to stay in good shape and keep the feathers in place. Imagine that hotel beds are made and fluffed daily by housekeeping. If you do not feel like making an art of making your bed, opt for the Original or Prestige featherbed.

The Original featherbed has a blend of 70% feathers and 30% down in the filling. The extra down in the blend creates luscious comfort and softness. This featherbed is more home user-friendly as it only needs some fluffing weekly to keep its cloudlike essence. A thicker and denser ticking will limit feathers from poking through.

The Prestige featherbed sounds fancy with good reason. A blend of 50% feathers and 50% down creates extra soft cushioning comfort on top of your mattress. Choosing between the Original and Prestige is a tough one as they are both utter bliss. It might help you to know that the Prestige featherbed is 5 cm and the Original featherbed is 10 cm thick.

So, it is a choice which size of cloud you prefer to sink into. Shop the collection here.

How do I take care of my featherbed?

Let's face it: sometimes when you buy something really nice, it requires a little extra care. This is true of feathers & down. If you take proper care, it will give you the best slumber experience you can imagine. Once you have made your perfect nest, here's how to keep it soft and snug.


As with every feather and down filled product, featherbeds need to be fluffed regularly to keep the featherbed in good shape. In hotels housekeeping makes the bed and fluffs the featherbed daily.


The most important thing is to keep your down protected! Pillow and mattress protectors extend the life of your feather & down filled products and keep nasties like dust mites out of the picture. The quills at the end of the feathers, aided by one's body weight will occasionally poke through the fabric or cling to the mattress. You will never fully prevent feathers leaking or poking through the fabric, but you can definitely limit this by adding a featherbed protector, a look-alike duvet cover, to envelop your featherbed.

Let it breathe

Another thing you can do to prevent allergens from building up is to air your feather/fiber bed every now and then. The fresh air and direct sunlight help dry it out and let odors escape.

When it comes to washing, less is definitely more; the soapy water can strip down clusters of their natural oils and cause them to break. This is another reason to use mattress and pillow protectors. You can wash protectors as often as you like, keeping your down products fresh and clean without actually subjecting them to the wear and tear of a machine.