Hotel Luxury at home: 6 easy ways to create that hotel feeling at home

Hotel Luxury at home: 6 easy ways to create that hotel feeling at home

There are a few things that make a difference when staying in a luxury hotel. First and most important; the bed (hello fluffy featherbed and crisp fresh sheets), second the bathroom (hallelujah for these big fluffy towels, soft bathrobe & slippers) & last but not least the luxury of not having to lift a finger. But... there's more. Six simple steps - besides bed and bathroom - to create that luxurious feeling at home.


Yes, a mini bar. It may sound a bit posh, but how wonderful would it be to sit down at your own little bar after dinner or at the end of the afternoon. A glass of bubbly or an ice-cold quality wine makes your own hotel experience more than complete.

How to elevate this bar feeling at home? Invest in true timeless hotel cocktail glasses with a story. Such as the Singapore sling glasses of the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. And always have ice cubes ready available. Then it doesn't really matter which drink is in it. It will instantly taste better. Another me-time investment is to treat yourself to a unique range of wines. A little inside tip from us, our founders favourite is the Orange wine of Grape Jane.

Breakfast in bed

Your first reaction might be that you should have this breakfast served, but why? You don't need a partner (or room service for that matter) for this hotel experience. Make sure to get yourself the best quality coffee and stock up on those cute miniature jam jars. Prepare your breakfast goodies on a tray (Insiders Tip: invest in an authentic hotel tray such as the White Imperial Change Tray of the Ritz in Paris) the night before, so you only need to pop a croissant in the oven the next morning. And then? Back to bed! Open the curtains, add a newspaper & have the best start of your day.

Soft carpet

Who says you have to travel to England for soft carpets in your bedroom? We surely don't. In fact, rugs have become immensely popular lately, and not just to give your feet (and mood) a soft landing after waking up. You can find rugs in all shapes, types, colours and sizes, but that real luxurious feeling is of course caused by nice thick carpet. High-pile, you could also say. We love the carpets by Limited Edition and use them in our hotel projects.

Wall art

Okay, this may not be something you do in a day, but it is worth the time and effort. Luxury hotels often decorate their lobby and hotel rooms with the most beautiful wall art. Did you know that there are even hotels doubling as a gallery? In the Rome Cavalieri by Waldorf Astoria you will find art by the likes of Andy Warhol and tucked away next to a forest and overlooking the streets of Zürich, The Dolder Grand is home to an impressive lineup of more than 100 artworks from big-name artists. Take, for example, Salvador Dali's "Femmes métamorphosées". Bookshelves are great, but they’re no fair game at all against a real Matisse.

Plaids and cushions

About how to turn your bed into a hotel bed, we wrote this blog before. Don't worry if you don't have time to immerse yourself in the world of new mattresses and new sheets. You can quickly transform your bed into a hotel-worthy item by simply adding decorative cushions and a luxury plaid. Our toss pillows are unique and handmade using high quality fabrics such as Nobilis. For every project we create new designs for hotels and boutique hotels to match its' style and atmosphere. We have cherry picked our favourites and added them to our hotel for home collection for you to enjoy at home.

White, white, whitest

Is it a coincidence that many hotel rooms have white sheets and pillows without colours or patterns? Certainly not. The colour white brings a sense of calm and symbolises a new beginning and purification. A perfect 'colour' for your night's rest. After all, you want to feel as relaxed as possible when you dive into bed. Besides, with white bedding you always know if it's clean. Or if it isn't.

Finally, a fun fact: many manufacturers add softeners to the washings, making products appear nice and soft at first glance, but feel coarse and rough after just a few washes. With Egyptian Cotton it is exactly the other way around. With every wash, sheets made from this luxurious material become softer and more supple. So get your own luxury sheets... In the colour... exactly - WHITE.