If you are allergic to house dust mites, DOUXE has good news for you! You too can enjoy our heavenly down bedding. Research conducted in Central-Europe has shown that house dust mites don’t like to reside in bedding made from down and feathers.

In this research, hundreds of houses, bedrooms, beds, duvets and pillows were checked for house dust mites. In the examined down and feather bedding, almost no house dust mites were found. This can be explained by the following reasons:

  • The dense weave of the ticking of the duvets and pillows, filled with feathers and down, forms an impermeable barrier for mites.
  • Down duvets possess excellent air and temperature regulating properties. Moist and perspiration are quickly dissipated, which keeps the duvet relatively dry. This makes the duvet an unfavourable living environment for house dust mites, as they require damp and moist surroundings.
  • Down and feathers are absolutely not a source of food for house dust mites.

NOMITE label

Our down bedding is marked with the NOMITE label. This indicates that the product is suitable for persons suffering from house dust mite allergy. Read more here.