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Dream away on extra wide hotel pillows of luxurious hotel quality

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Pillows and body pillows of hotel quality

For a good night's sleep, the choice of pillow is essential in addition to the right mattress. Dream away on a DOUXE pillow in luxury hotel quality or increase your comfort and wake up rested after a relaxing night. Which pillow is best for you depends on your sleeping position. Are you a back, side or stomach sleeper? With us, you will find the right hotel pillow for every sleeping position.

DOUXE Hotel collection pillows

At DOUXE, we prefer hotel quality pillows. Standard Dutch pillows are not wide enough to make the bed and the height does nothing for your comfort. Hotel pillows, on the other hand, are 90 cm or 100 cm wider and thus adorn the entire width of the bed. It is not for nothing that hotel beds always look so beautifully made up. Hotel pillows have a large part in this.

In addition, hotel pillows also provide more support. With a height of 50 cm, hotel pillows offer more support in the hollow of the neck, because the filling, with its limited height, cannot move. With your head, you only cover a small part of the pillow surface. The cushion sinks in at the bottom and the filling moves upwards. You do not need all that space in the height. You don't even need it, because you want the hollow of your neck to be properly filled.

You will dream away on the cushions from this superior collection. The luxury hotel pillows are made of first-class materials and are used in, among others, the Mainport Design Hotel, Pulitzer Amsterdam, Hotel Okura and Bilderberg Hotels. They are extremely comfortable to sleep on and are available in different sizes and fillings. A hotel bed is equipped as standard with two to four down pillows and two pillows with a synthetic filling. For an extra luxurious look and real hotel comfort, choose the pillows that take up the entire width of your bed. Thanks to their unique shape, they will look beautiful in your bedroom. Within this collection, you can choose a specific support: firm, medium, soft and combinations of these.

How are the pillows filled?

Within our collection, you can choose the heavenly quality of the down pillows from the DOUXE collection, filled with ventilating high quality fillings of European feathers and down. Or opt for the pillows filled with high-quality imitation down, as in our Bilderberg collection. The synthetic filling generally feels a bit firmer and provides a bit more resilience. A filling of feathers and down ventilates better and provides softer support. Below you will find more information about our pillow fillings.

All DOUXE pillows are produced in Austria in a family factory in the Alps. Due to the favourable geographical location of the Austrian factory, the down and feathers are washed with fresh water from our own spring. An ingenious washing system ensures that the water is cleaned in a responsible manner.

Our Traumpass certificate guarantees that our feathers and down are responsibly sourced. As little waste as possible is created in production and the residual materials are recycled where possible.

DOUXE attaches great importance to how its products are manufactured. The welfare of our customers, producers and animals is of paramount importance to us.

What is the finish of the cushions?

All our cushions are finished with a high-quality fabric. This fabric fits snugly around your pillow, is made from 100% finely woven cotton and is downproof. Thanks to the light cotton ticking, you will achieve even greater sleeping comfort.

Our products are developed with care and attention by professionals. All DOUXE pillows are produced in Austria. The materials are produced by hand by expert seamstresses. Our products therefore have a very high level of workmanship that no machine in the world can achieve.

Which pillow is best for neck, back or shoulder pain?

If you wake up with pain in your neck, back or shoulders, then the support of your neck and head during the night has probably been insufficient. It is important to ensure that your muscles are, and remain, relaxed during sleep. It is with this objective in mind that you choose your pillow. It is good to know that it is best to replace a pillow every two years. This is because the filling slowly wears out through frequent use.

Which pillow suits you?

Do you need a new pillow, but do you have no idea which one is best? Which pillow is best for you depends on your sleeping position and your personal preference for the filling of a pillow. A pillow should support your neck and head in such a way that your muscles can relax properly while you sleep.

Which pillow type suits my sleeping position? 

The best pillow for side sleepers

As a side sleeper it is best to choose a medium to firm/extra firm pillow. You need a fairly thick and high pillow which supports your neck well so that you can relax your neck muscles at night.

The best pillow for back sleepers

Sleeping on your back is by far the best sleeping position for your back and neck. For back sleepers, it is important that the neck is well supported to prevent the spine from lying in an unnatural position. A medium-high pillow that offers medium firmness will promote a good posture. The hollow of the neck is then filled and well supported. As a side and back sleeper, you will benefit from a pillow that provides maximum comfort for different sleeping positions. In this case, choose a medium-firm pillow.

The best pillow for stomach sleepers

With stomach sleepers, the neck is more tense because it is often twisted for hours. This is not good for your body; we therefore recommend sleeping without a pillow or choosing a pillow as soft as possible. A thin pillow with a soft filling, which also facilitates good ventilation, will give you a wonderful night's sleep.

DOUXE hotel collection body pillows

The elongated body pillows from DOUXE are filled with 10% down and 90% feathers, or with a synthetic filling. The body pillows have a larger shape than our pillows, allowing you to position your body comfortably. Add the body pillow to your pillow or use the body pillow as extra support when reading or watching television. Choose a size of 60x90 if you want two pillows to fill the entire width of your 180 cm wide bed.

What types of fillings are there for pillows?

Are you looking for a cushion with a distinct, luxurious hotel feel? At DOUXE, we offer you excellent types of pillow fillings, both with superior properties that contribute to a comfortable sleep and a luxurious sleep experience.

First-class down and feather pillows

Our beautiful DOUXE pillows are filled with a combination of 30% down and 70% feathers, and our body pillows with a combination of 90% feathers and 10% down. The combination of these natural materials provides a first-class sleeping experience.

Pillows with microfibre filling

We also have pillows filled with an imitation down of 100% microfibre. Thanks to their innovative composition, these pillows sleep superbly and are also easy to care for. This pillow filling is suitable for almost everyone and is also available in a hypoallergenic version for extra sleep pleasure. A microfibre filling is available for every desired support: firm, medium and soft. All give you a very pleasant sleeping comfort.

Thanks to the flexible properties of the filling, you can easily mould your pillow into the desired shape, without the filling losing its elasticity.