Summer Nights in Hotel Style: which duvet should I choose for warm nights?

Summer Nights in Hotel Style: which duvet should I choose for warm nights?

A heatwave, a little annoying mosquito, a bed partner that keeps on tossing and turning: in summer, many things can have an unpleasant effect on your sleep. But the common complaint is the bed being too warm. So you might be wondering what’s the best cover to sleep under during the warm summer nights?

A sheet and blanket could be an option. But our advice would be to invest in a Summer Duvet for the nights when your All-Year Duvet is too warm. In this blog we will give you the key to sleep like a baby every night, even when it's 30 degrees. We’ve described the best and finest summer essentials for you.

Which duvet is best for summer?

Warm nights are already intense enough. Mostly your bed is already warm before you lay your head down to rest. But as the temperature outside cools down during the night you might find you need more cover. So how do you make sure that you stay comfortably warm without waking up soaked? The first magic word: ventilation. Second magic word: a summer duvet. Ours, of course, because then you can be rest assured that the down has been responsibly produced and that you’re enjoying five-star hotel quality.

Responsible down duvets

All DOUXE down products have the Downpass Certificate. This certification guarantees that the feathers and down are produced in a responsible manner and originate from strictly controlled and traceable supply chains. That sleeps a lot better, doesn't it?

Back to our Original Half Down Summer Duvet. The filling consists of 30 percent duck down and 70 percent duck feathers. This, in combination with the ticking (cover of the duvet) of a 100 percent cotton (this finely woven cotton is down-proof and breathable, giving the feathers plenty of room to move), ensures excellent ventilation and of course that ultimate five-star feeling and luxury hotel quality that you are used to from DOUXE.

Double down

The Original Summer Duvet is a good option for warm nights - but if you are looking for an even more lightweight down duvet, choose the summer duvet from the Exclusive Collection. The Exclusive Summer Duvet consists of 90% goose down and 10% goose feathers. It also has a 100 percent cotton ticking (down-proof) for good ventilation. Take it from us, this is a down duvet that exceeds every average. Warm nights have rarely felt so luxurious.

And would you like to experience that feeling of luxury all year round? Then also invest in an Exclusive All Year Duvet. It is lightweight but a little heavier than its summer sister, pure nature, allergy-friendly, long-lasting and has excellent temperature and moisture regulation.

How to improve your sleep during summer

Now that you don't have to worry about which duvet is best to sleep under during summer, take the time to inspect your bedroom and to see what changes can be made. Because a nice summer duvet is one thing, a nice environment to sleep in is another. Three tips.

1. Goodbye fluff and fleece

As lovely as it is in the winter to roll up in soft throws and blankets, it is of little use in the summer - unless you like clammy limbs and drops of sweat on your upper lip. Exactly: neither do we. Go through your room, declutter and get rid of all the unnecessary blankets and pillows and replace them with fine and breathable fabrics like cotton and linen.

Did you know we now offer a collection of the softest washed linen? Perfect for summer, our washed linen is exceptionally soft and breathable thanks to a special pre-treatment process. It helps dissipate heat during warm nights, keeping you dry and comfortable. The rustic, lightly wrinkled texture adds a stylish, casual touch to your bedroom.

2. Use lighter colours

While you're at it, get rid of darker colors. Swap the darker shades for light-coloured bed linen and go as far as curtains. The light colours of our duvet covers will instantly make you feel easy breazy & summer ready. It is available in soft, silky satin and cool percal - for that crispy feeling of luxury hotel linen. Percal is definitely the choice for summer as it feels cool to the skin. Want to know the difference between satin and percal again? Here we explain.

3. Air your room

At least as important as the right bedding is fresh air and ventilation. On blazing hot summer days keep doors, windows and curtains closed during the day. In the evening, you can air things out by opening windows and doors opposite of each other. Keeping everything closed during the day may feel contradictory, but really: you will make a jump for joy at night. Don’t jump too much though to keep it cool.