What is the difference between sateen and percal?

What is the difference between sateen and percal?

You don't need to be an expert to feel the difference between a silky sheet and one of those crisp sheets that almost cracks when you lie under it. You'll sleep like a baby under both, both are made from 100% Egyptian cotton - but what exactly is the difference between percal and sateen?

We'll explain it to you - so that you'll be rid of the idea that sateen sheets only belong in Martin Moreiro's bedroom once and for all.


First of all, let's clear up a little misunderstanding. It is often thought that sateen and percal are two different types of cotton. Wrong. Both are Egyptian cotton, but the difference is in the weaving. In other words, they are two different weaving techniques. Read here more about Egyptian cotton.

Sateen is a so called 1-on-4 weave, percal a 1-on-1 or flat weave. This gives the fabric a different feel: sateen silky, light and with a slight sheen, - percal breathable and crisp.

400 TC (thread count)

Also with percal, DOUXE goes for the best of the best. While most competitors (and hotels) use cotton with a thread count of 300, DOUXE percal has a thread count of 400 - and you can feel that immediately. The higher the thread count, the softer the cotton. Even after many washes, cotton with a percal weave lasts a very long time.

Different tastes

And now of course the question whether you fit into #teampercal or #team sateen. That depends on taste - and tastes differ, even when it comes to cotton sheets. As well as being crisp, percale feels refreshingly cool: perfect for summer, for example. Sateen feels a bit warmer and softer, and is therefore very nice in the winter.

Difficult choice? See below how many times you answer 'yes' to a question - and you've found your answer. If you want to hand out the sheets at home, check out our web shop and order your favourite cotton right away.

  • Do you like soft, smooth sheets?
  • Do you like to use the same sheets all year round?
  • Do you like the luxurious feel of bed linen?
  • Do you like the slight sheen that adds depth to the colour?

Are your answers yes, yes, yes and YES? Then our Egyptian cotton sateen weave is for you. Not unanimously convinced? That could be because:

  • You like the soft look but not the shine of Egyptian cotton with sateen weave
  • You like a slightly firmer bed linen than Egyptian cotton with sateen weave
  • You like to use the same sheets all year round (admittedly Egyptian cotton with sateen weave is one of them)
  • You like that ultimate five-star luxury feeling in your own bedroom
  • You like good basics that you maintain without a lot of fuss.

Does the above apply to you? Then percal bed linen suits you best - especially now that it's summer.