Home Series with Bridget

Bridget Tribe is Senior Brand Manager. Currently she is living in The Hague. For the first DOUXE Home Series we were in her stunning house with beautiful old elements.

How important is your home space to you?

It’s one of my highest priorities in my life. I moved to the Netherlands from Melbourne Australia In 2018 and I have lived In some of the most incredible spaces over the past 4 years. Very interesting buildings with old world charm. The place I am in now in Den Haag has 15ft ceilings, light from one end to the other and fabric wall drapery. Which may seem excessive to some, but I wake up everyday and feel so grateful to be able to enjoy this space. It gives my life a sparkle. 

What are you after when you create your bedroom environment?

A calming yet moody personal space. It needs to feel like a warm and spicy hug and it can be more personal than any other space in the house. 

How does this compare to choosing hotels while away?

It’s actually quite similar to be honest. I am sensitive to lighting and texture - if the hotel is too clean and sterile it often puts me off. Ones that have their own character and a considered choice of decor I’m often drawn to. Generally the boutique hotels don’t skimp on quality linen or pillows and this is the joy of staying in a hotel in the first place. 

How do you add the luxury hotel feeling for yourself at home?

I always go for the largest bed I can for the room. Haha. That’s always the starting point - and I opt for soft and organic colours that offer a calming feeling. A mix of textures is also key so quality bed linen in a high thread count Percival or satin is essential. 

Tips for others who are after the same space? 

Don’t ignore lighting - a soft glow is all you need in the bedroom and a harsh night light can completely kill your calm. And don’t go cheap on bed linen. We spend half our lives in bed - make at least two sets a personal investment for yourself.
- Bridget

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