Home Series with Frank

Frank van Bennekom graduated as an Architect and he discovered Photography by traveling around the world with his analog cameras. For our 'Home Series' we visited his house with retro details and asked him some questions:

What is your favourite hotel?

My favourite hotel is boutique hotel Mama Ruisa in Rio de Janeiro.

What do you like so much about this hotel?

Here you imagine yourself (almost) in your own exotic modernist dream villa with stunning views and full of the most extraordinary Brazilian art. The hotel has luxury facets but coziness at the same time due to the most friendly staff and the hotel pets. 

How do you add the luxury hotel feeling to your home?

That luxurious feeling is mainly created by the spacious layout and choice of materials, such as velour curtains and floor-to-ceiling ceramic tiles. Wellness is increasingly becoming a standard in the home; my bedroom, for instance, is directly connected to my bathroom with walk-in shower. The ultimate hotel feeling, of course a comfortable bed with a duvet cover from DOUXE Egyptian cotton sateen further emphasises that luxury hotel feeling.

How would you describe your style? And how is this reflected in the bedroom?

Clean, but a warm modernist 70s style through retro dimmable wall lights, among other things. My advice is to use no more than 3 different materials for a peaceful sleep environment. 

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Modernist architecture from the 60s/70s.

Imagine being allowed to design your dream home.. What should definitely not be missing?

A swimming pool. ;-)

Home Series Frank