Home Series with Anna

Anna Alfaro,

business and life coach living in Mallorca, naturally from Barcelona but living abroad for a while. 

How important is your home space to you?

Having a place you can call “home” for me is essential. I’ve been living away for a while and I always try to create my own space where I can feel connected, inspired, calm, safe and comfortable.

Beauty is essential so that’s why I tend to choose very carefully and consciously every element of the house. I prioritize sustainability, quality, aesthetics and of course why I’m having it, the utility. I can say that over the past years I’ve been living in beautiful places. Starting from my own home in Barcelona, where I chose every single detail to the rental properties I’ve been living in Mallorca, Lisbon and now in a small “casita” in the middle of La Tramontana, back in Mallorca. That’s seeing your dreams turn into reality.

What are you after when you create your bedroom environment?

Cozy, warm, calming and personal. It needs to speak about me and my partner, and express who we are. I also prefer being minimal. Not too many things in that space, it helps to make it quiet and relaxing. 

How does this compare to choosing hotels while away?

When I travel, I always look for places where I can feel at home so I look into similar aspects that I choose for my own home. Beautiful environments, natural light, coziness, warm colors and nice details and objects, consciously chosen. As in my house, I prefer minimal spaces where I can relax and enjoy in a calming and quiet environment. 

I usually pay so much attention to the bed, cushions and pillows and the kind of bed clothes they are using. And of course the toilet, so I can enjoy my beauty routine with some candles and warm light.

How do you add the luxury hotel feeling for yourself at home?

Choosing the right elements for each space and tending to be minimal. Less is more. Also it’s important to prioritize the quality,  the sensation each element gives you, so you can live every time your best experience. When in bed, for example, you want to have a nice texture to feel in your body, in your skin and stay comfortable while you’re sleeping, since having a good rest is a must for living well and staying healthy! Light, as said before. Natural light always wins but if that's not possible in every corner of the house, choose warm light.

Tips for others who are after the same space? 

Ask yourself what feels right for you. What are your values and how you can create and express them in your home. If you, like me, are looking for a calming way of life, then natural light, warm colors, harmonic objects, must be a priority for you.

Invest in wherever your choices are, choose quality over quantity, look for organic, sustainable and quality options that respect us and the environment. Decide which objects can create a better experience for you and your lifestyle (lighting, candles, books, ceramics, flowers, bed clothes in linen…) and go for it. 

- Anna