Home Series with Justine Leenarts

Justine is a photographer. She works a lot for commercial brands and loves that her work is so diverse. She likes to spend her free time outdoors; at the beach, in the forest or a stroll around the city.

What is your favourite hotel?

My favourite hotel is Regina Isabella on my favourite place Ischia <3

What makes this your favourite hotel?

It was founded in the 1950s by a film producer, Angelo Rizzoli. It seems as if time has stood still there, in a good way. The service is very personal, which makes it very familiar. After lunch, you can go down a flight of stairs at the side of the restaurant to a small bay for swimming, which is magical. I took the photo next to my bed there, which is how I think back to it very often. We went there a lot with the family and now that my mother is no longer there, it is very special to go back. And I was asked to marry there.

How do you create that luxury hotel feel in your own bedroom?

White sheets and a scented candle do the trick. Opening the doors to the garden in the morning, even in winter that keeps the air fresh, it's great to wake up.

How can you best describe your style? And how is this reflected in your bedroom?

My style is diverse. I love colour, different materials and I am a collector, have taken a lot with me from travelling and find it hard to get rid of things. But I also like calm and tidy. A dichotomy that fortunately comes together very well in our home.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get a lot of inspiration from travelling but also walking around town can give me new ideas. I often don't realise it right away but the other day I painted the hallway bright (hermes) orange and then I thought later, funny just a week back from Ibiza hahah.

Do you have a set bedtime ritual?

I wish I could say something like a meditation now and no more screens hours before I go to sleep. Reality is a bit different but I try not to be on my phone in the bedroom anymore.

Suppose you get to design your dream home, what should not be missing?

Lots of light. Light is the most important thing to me, it can make or crack a space.