Home Series with Lisanne den Elzen

Lisanne den Elzen, interior designer, stylist and owner Studio LDE & Casa Est.
Art and interior design have always played a big role in her life. We asked her some questions about where she gets her inspiration, how she creates the luxurious feeling at home and more.

What is your favourite hotel? 

We slept at the Hotel Curacao Marriott Beach Resort last year, this immediately gave me the ultimate holiday feeling. The atmosphere there was very relaxed and everything looked beautiful.

What makes this your favourite hotel?

The atmosphere in Curacao, the weather is always nice so because of this the entrance of the hotel was completely open. You immediately saw the sea and outside and inside were really connected by this setting.

How do you create that luxury hotel feel in your own bedroom? 

By keeping everything very serene and calm. In our bedroom, you see a neutral colour palette with graphic accents or unique materials. For example, we have covered the bed with graphic fabric in a beige shade, which keeps it calm in our room but still makes a statement.

How can you best describe your style? And how is it reflected in your bedroom?

Unique and timeless. My interior is mainly earthy tones and neutral, but by using different structures and materials it is still playful. When I design an interior, my starting point is always that it should still be beautiful over a long period of time. I always get inspired by interiors with different materials and textures. By adding DOUXE bed linen, our bedroom exudes luxury. The rich materials combined with our graphic bed headboard creates the ultimate luxury feeling!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Mainly from Pinterest and magazines, but these days Instagram is also a good source of inspiration. I follow many accounts that share a lot of interior design inspiration. This always gives me a lot of inspiration!

Do you have a set bedtime ritual?

No not really, I recently became a mother of our first child. Because of this, my evening ritual is mainly about our daughter. However, I always try to read or watch TV before going to bed. As soon as I touch my bed now, I get the ultimate hotel feeling. The crispness of the bedding makes me fall asleep quickly.

Suppose you get to design/create your dream home, what should not be missing?

A bathroom and bedroom next to each other. It really seems like the ultimate hotel feeling to me when our bathroom and bedroom are one space. How wonderful it is to get straight into a bath when you get out of bed. So a freestanding bath next to your bed really seems like the ultimate hotel feeling to me.