Conservatorium Hotel Towels | 70x140 cm

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Conservatorium Hotel towels 70x140 cm
These towels will instantly take you back to the quiet oasis of the tranquil rooms in this iconic five-star hotel. The logo of the Conservatorium Hotel is subtly embroidered on these heavenly white towels. The extra long loops with a low twist feel extremely soft to the touch. The towels come in a set of two.

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Complete your Conservatorium Hotel collection with the Conservatorium Hotel bathrobe and the luxurious bath towels with a size of 70x140 cm.

This product has been specially produced for the Conservatorium Home Collection.





70x140 cm


700 GSM




Zero Twist

Care instructions

Max. 40 degrees

Country of origin


Frequently asked questions bath linen

How do I take care of my bath linen?

How do you enjoy your luxury hotel-quality towels for an extended period? Your towels can be easily washed and dried so they are quickly ready for use. For the first use, we recommend washing your towels without fabric softener at a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius. This helps them gain the ability to absorb moisture and makes the fibers velvety soft. Wash your towels after the first use with similar colors in the washing machine at a maximum of 60 degrees Celsius, in a not too full load. If you can easily place your hand above the towels in the machine, you can be sure that the machine is not too full. You can wash the towels with a mild detergent. Only a small amount of detergent and fabric softener is needed, so no soap residues remain in the cotton. This ensures the cleanest result and keeps your towels soft and delightful to use for a long time. For the velvety soft feeling, we recommend drying your towels in the dryer at a low temperature to keep the cotton fibers intact. Thanks to the zero-twist and higher GSM, your towels come out wonderfully fluffy from the dryer. Prefer to air dry your towels? That's possible! Thanks to the high quality, your towels remain soft even when air dried.

Why does a hotel towel provide such a luxurious feeling?

Do you recognize that delightful feeling when you wrap yourself in a heavy, soft towel in a hotel? The top-quality towels found in five-star hotels are known for their high absorbency and luxurious spa-like feel. Thanks to the luxurious weight of cotton, hotel-quality towels feel very soft and comfortable. The high-quality combed and durable cotton ensures that recognizable luxurious experience.

What are combed cotton towels with a zero-twist?

Towels made of combed cotton remain strong and do not pill. With combed cotton, the fibers are combed to remove shorter threads and impurities. This leaves only the strongest and longest threads to be woven into the bath towel. This process ensures durability of your towels. In the case of zero-twist and low-twist towels, a special technique is used where the cotton fibers are woven without being twisted, thus avoiding fiber breakage. The zero-twist and low-twist result in extra soft, fluffy towels. Finishing of the hem Our hotel-quality towels are finished with a double hem and are double stitched. This makes the hem extra strong, ensuring that the towels remain beautiful for an extended period.

What is the weight of DOUXE towels?

The weight of towels is expressed in grams per square meter and is also referred to as GSM (Grams per Square Metre). The higher the GSM, the thicker and more luxurious the towel feels. Our DOUXE hotel-quality towels have a fill weight of at least 700 GSM, ensuring that all towels absorb moisture perfectly and feel velvety soft.

Why choose hotel-quality towels?

The DOUXE hotel-quality bath series offers you luxurious top-quality bath textiles for your own bathroom. DOUXE towels are made from high-quality cotton and are finished with a luxurious, classic timeless border. You'll find our velvety soft DOUXE hotel towels in exclusive hotels as well. With a weight of 680 grams, they feel extra luxurious and comfortable, just as you would expect from a five-star hotel. The zero-twist, or reverse yarn, makes the towel extremely soft and fluffy. Our hotel towels are carefully crafted in Portugal. If sustainability and luxury are at the top of your list, then DOUXE towels will be an absolute asset for you.

What towels are included in a set?

De luxury set bestaat uit een gastendoekje, een handdoek en een badlaken.

De essential set bestaat uit een handdoek en een badlaken.

When is it time to replace towels?

Towels of good quality last a long time. When to replace them partly depends on your personal preference. Experts suggest replacing towels every two years. If you're unsure whether it's time for a new set, here are some tips for you:

  1. Are the towels still absorbing moisture quickly and sufficiently?
  2. Does your towel develop an unpleasant odor quickly?
  3. Are there frayed edges or tears in your towel?