Self-care tips

Self-care tips

Let's start the new year with fresh and good intentions. Time for a self-care day. Self-care can be applied in many ways: long sleep, fresh air, exercise, taking a break, journaling, reading, laughing with friends, a social media detox, meditation, music, a good meal and listening to yourself. A busy life sometimes makes us forget ourselves. That's why we have listed the perfect self-care Sunday tips for you.

Cocooning Sunday

A sumptuous breakfast in bed is surely the best thing on a Sunday morning. Enjoy homemade croissants, fresh-squeezed Jus Du Orange, baked breads and delicious jams on a made bed with crisp-fresh bedding and king-size hotel pillows. Dream away in one of your favourite books or magazines and totally unwind. There's nothing a good book can't fix.

A refreshing combination from head to toe

Take an extended shower or immerse yourself in a lovely warm bath. A clean, effective skincare routine for hair and body with Zenology's cleansing products turns washing into a truly pampering and sumptuous experience that caresses the senses. Relish the delicious winter scent of camellia sinensis with warm tea notes on a woody herbal base. While enjoying this bathroom ritual why not open up your bedroom windows and let your sheets and bedding take a breath of fresh air? After your shower or bath, wrap yourself in a heavy, fluffy hotel towel. This creates that ultimate five-star spa feel in your own bathroom.

Forest or beach walk

Get outside and give your brain a break. Look around, take in the sounds of nature or the chirping of birds and breathe in the fresh air. It helps to clear our minds. Buy yourself a pretty bunch of flowers while listening to our DOUXE playlist on Spotify.

Cozy and comfy

After a good walk, turn your home into a cosy space by lighting your Baobab candle. A perfect match is Cuir de Russie, a fragrance of rich notes of musk, moss and leather that invite you to spend an atmospheric evening. Put on your most comfortable pjyamas, take your winter duvet to the sofa and watch one of your favourite films or series while sipping your favourite tea. After that, get into your silky satin bed (LINK) early and when your head hits the pillow, remind yourself that you’ve done a good job.