Hotel Duvets

Next to the mattress and pillow, the duvet is a crucial part of the sleeping experience. A carefully chosen duvet has the perfect filling of down, a combination of feathers & down or synthetic fibers that will fit the needs of your high demanding guests. Not only does temperature effect your decision, but also the identity of your hotel goes all the way through the choice of the duvet. Where modern hotels would opt for a more minimalistic duvet made to fit the size of the mattress, classic boutique hotels would choose a more full and fluffy duvet. DOUXE offers a wide range of down and synthetic duvets, available in different sizes and fillings. They give your hotel bed the desired luxurious look and offer your guests extra comfort.

In addition, the cover made of 100% cotton (down-proof) provides excellent ventilation. DOUXE duvets are produced in our factory in Austria with filling of the highest quality. Durability and care for people and nature is paramount and therefore our products are all Downpass certified. In addition, we have a collection of duvets made of recycled feathers & down.

Together we will look at your guest profile and create your perfect duvet with the right filling, ventilation & warmth. Adding your hotel brand with a label is the cherry on the cake, making it your signature duvet.

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