Collection: Mother's Day Gift Guide

For those who want to go the extra mile and crave more inspiration, this gift guide has been put together

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  1. Prestige Featherbed - Mattress Topper
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  2. Bathrobe Latte
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  3. Scented candle Paris Baobab
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  4. Gift box Miami Baobab
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  5. Scented candle White Pearls Baobab
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  6. Gift box Paris Baobab
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  7. Diffuser Paris Baobab
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  8. Diffuser Black Pearls Baobab
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  9. Comfort Featherbed - Mattress Topper
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  10. Original Featherbed - Mattress Topper
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On Mother's Day, we pay extra attention to all mothers around the world! Whether she is your own, grand, foster, mother-in-law, or bonus mother, Sunday 14 May is the perfect opportunity to be especially sweet to her. The one who is always there for you and gives her unconditional love. She deserves that extra attention.

Our perfect gift idea? A bunch of the very best roses! Roses symbolise gratitude and joy. One of the reasons you often see them in the most beautiful hotels worldwide. Or a personalised bathrobe with the initials of your mother figure!

For those who want to go the extra mile and crave more inspiration, this gift guide has been put together;

  • King-size hotel pillows you secretly grant everyone! Experience the luxury of sleeping in a hotel with a down hotel pillow. Extra large (50cm) and wide (90cm); the size which ensures sublime support and an exaggerated feeling of luxury. Produced in our factory in Austria with filling of the highest quality and downpass certified.
  • Fluffy bathrobe, upgrade your self-care moment with this stylish bathrobe. The bathrobe has a luxurious feel. The zero-twist weave makes the bathrobe feel ultra soft and fluffy. Personalise your bathrobe for free at the Amsterdam Store on 13 May ✨
  • 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, Every mother deserves the feel of a five-star hotel. These cooling, fresh and crisp percal sheets are perfect for spring and summer nights. Go for one of our natural shades, Latte, Greige or Blush pink, the colour of gratitude. Choose pure white for the real hotel feel.
  • Featherbed, the icing on the cake. The well-known iconic five-star hotels all have it on top of the mattress; the Featherbed. There is really little nicer than the extremely luxurious feeling this soft topper gives you. Also produced in our factory in Austria with the downpass certificate. You grant her this luxury, she deserves this feeling of sleeping on cloud heaven every night. Shop now with 15% discount.
  • Soft hotel towels. How come all those towels in hotels are always so soft and fluffy? The secret: extra thick (up to 680g/m2) and with zero twist. Rather not hotel white? Choose from all six different colours here.
  • Decorative cushions. Make an impression with decorative cushions, the finishing touch to transform a bedroom bed into a hotel bed! Each cushion is handmade in our local sewing workshop with Designers Guild and Nobilis luxury fabrics. The cushions also look great on the sofa.
  • Beauty and lifestyle products. With high-quality and luxurious beauty and lifestyle products, Boabob & Zenology bring the luxury of a hotel into every home. Moreover, one of Zenology's fragrances is DOUXE's home perfume: we spray the Black Tea scent over all our packs. We can recommend the house perfume; available in 3 sizes, and also available in a set together with hand wash and hand cream.