Home Series with Marjolein

Marjolein van den Broek is a freelance PR professional. Currently she is supporting the Pulitzer Amsterdam with their marketing and PR.  For the DOUXE Home Series we took a peek in her beautiful bedroom.

How important is your home space to you?

For me a home is a place where my loved ones are, but maybe even more important: a place where I can relax and completely be me. I love to be up and away, but I need to be at home sometimes as well, to ground myself.

What is important to you when you decorate your bedroom? 

I want a space that eases the mind. It needs to be some sort of a clean canvas on which I can calmly start the day but also a safe space to round things up in the evening. So serene colors and shapes, with a pop of creativity is what I like to go for.

How does this compare to choosing hotels while you're away?

For me hotel rooms can be a bit more 'out there'. When I am traveling I'm looking to stimulate my senses and creativity. Also I guess when on holidays and the mind is more relaxed, I am more open for intriguing, spheric interior design, than when I am back home.

How do you add the luxury hotel feeling for yourself at home?

Qualitative materials! Our wallpaper from Arte for example is made out of linen and our bed linen is of course from DOUXE, made from Egyptian Cotton which has that crisp and at the same time soft feel that you want (or at least, I do :-)). But also I believe art can be a key element in the bedroom. I love our golden foil 'sol' poster. It has a minimal look, but radiates a hopeful feel.

Tips for others who are after the same space? 

Explore the beautiful interior brands that are out there and choose consciously. Also: follow your heart and look for a few one of a kind items. It will onderline even more that this space is yours.