Scented candle Trio Brussels - Roma - St. Tropez Baobab

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A striking orange box, inspired by the famous clock tower of Saint-Tropez, promises an extraordinary journey that passes through Rome to conclude the holiday in sunny Saint-Tropez.

Brussels: This candle breathes the atmosphere of art nouveau. The harmonious blend of cypress, sandalwood, and honey transports you to the warm ambiance of a family home.

Roma: The scent of patchouli, tonka bean, and coriander takes you to the enchanting magic of this city full of a thousand and one wonders.

Saint-Tropez: The refreshing top note of mint gives this fragrance a lively freshness. Yet, it also reveals a fruitier heart, reminiscent of delightful black currant tones. Let this scent transport you to the carefree atmosphere of Saint-Tropez.