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Discover our king-size hotel pillows, airy down duvets, and comfortable featherbeds.

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  1. Down Pillow | Soft | 60x70cm
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  2. Comfort Featherbed - Mattress Topper
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  3. Original Featherbed - Mattress Topper
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  4. Down Pillow | Medium | 60x70 cm
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  5. Down Pillow | Medium | 50x70cm
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  6. Down Pillow | Medium | 50x90cm
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  7. Down Pillow | Firm | 60x70 cm
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  8. Exclusive Summer Duvet - 90% Down
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  9. Prestige Featherbed - Mattress Topper
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  10. Prestige All year Duvet - 100% Down
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  11. Original Summer Duvet - Down & Feathers
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  12. Down Pillow | Medium | 60x90cm
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  13. Exclusive All Year Duvet - 90% Down
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  14. Down Pillow | Firm | 50x90cm
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  15. Down Body Pillow | 60x90 cm
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Enjoy luxury hotel-quality in your own bedroom

For that incredibly soft, truly heavenly feeling of a hotel bed, a duvet filled with extra soft down is an absolute must. Our 100% down duvets are not only light and airy but also provide the comfort and warmth you need.

Our beautiful pillows are filled with a combination of 30% down and 70% feathers, while our body pillows contain a blend of 90% feathers and 10% down. These natural materials ensure an unparalleled sleeping experience.

Our down products are manufactured in Austria, in a family-owned factory in the Alps. Thanks to its favorable geographic location, the down and feathers are washed with fresh water from its own source. The well-being of our customers, producers, and animals is paramount to us. Our certifications guarantee that DOUXE only uses down and feathers obtained in a humane manner. Moreover, our products are suitable for people with dust mite allergies.

Are down products suitable for someone with a dust mite allergy? Absolutely! Duvets and pillows filled with down and/or feathers are ideal for people allergic to dust mites. Bedding filled with feathers and down provides favorable warmth and moisture regulation, creating an unpleasant environment for dust mites that depend on humidity. The high-quality, down- and feather-proof fabric provides additional protection against mite penetration. Even if you are allergic to dust mites or have asthma, you do not have to forego the natural sleeping comfort that down and feathers provide.

All down duvets are equipped with the NOMITE label, indicating that the product is suitable for individuals with dust mite allergies. You can find this label on the respective page.