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The DOUXE Pillows are filled with 30% down and 70% feathers that are covered by a 100% cotton fabric. The filling mix was carefully chosen by DOUXE with the highest sleeping comfort in mind. The feathers ensure elasticity and therefore support, whereas the perfect amount of added down makes sure the pillow feels fluffy and soft. The Medium firmness is recommended if you sleep on your stomach but prefer a bit more support than the average stomach pillow.



Type of sleeper

Back Sleeper




70% Feathers, 30% Down

Anti allergy


Quality label

DOWNPASS, Standard by Oeko-Tex 100

Country of origin


More information

More information

Hotel Size 50x70

Pillows measuring 50x70 cm are often used in hotels for queen-size beds. DOUXE Hotel Luxury offers pillows in this size with various firmness levels. Within the pillow collection, you can also choose specific support: firm, medium, soft, and combinations thereof. We recommend the 'Medium' firmness if you are a side sleeper. This size is slightly smaller than the common hotel pillow size of 50x90 but works well in combination on the bed. Complete the pillow with a molton and pillowcase.

It's the Inside that Counts

The pillows are filled with 30% down and 70% feathers. The pillow is finished with a 100% cotton cover. The ratio of feathers to down has been carefully chosen by DOUXE Hotel Luxury to ensure the highest sleeping comfort. The feathers provide elasticity and good support, while the added down makes the pillow feel soft and fluffy.

Responsible Pillows from Austria

What is a sustainable pillow? All down pillows are produced in Austria at a family-owned factory in the Alps. Due to the factory's favorable geographical location, the down can be washed with fresh water from its own source. An ingenious washing system ensures that the water is responsibly cleaned.

Respect for People, Animals, and the Environment

Everything we do is with respect for people, animals, and the environment. Sustainability is extremely important to us, and this is reflected in our certifications and, of course, in our products. All feather and down products from DOUXE are DOWNPASS certified and can be traced with a unique control number. The DOWNPASS certificate guarantees that the feathers and down are responsibly produced and come from strictly controlled and traceable supply chains. Animal welfare and supply chain transparency are central. With the DOWNPASS certificate, you can be sure that no live-plucking or force-feeding of animals was used for the products.

Which Pillow Suits My Sleeping Position?

Do you need a new pillow but have no idea which one is best? When choosing the right pillow, your sleeping position is important, as well as your preference for material and thickness. A pillow should support your neck and head so that your neck and spine are in a straight line. Only then can your muscles fully relax during sleep. Are you a stomach sleeper? For stomach sleepers, the neck is more strained because it is often turned for hours. This is not good for your body; we recommend sleeping without a pillow or choosing the softest possible pillow. A thin pillow with a soft filling, which also facilitates good ventilation, will give you a restful night's sleep. As a side sleeper, it's best to choose a medium to firm/extra firm pillow. You need a fairly thick and high pillow that supports your neck well, allowing your neck muscles to relax properly at night.

Hotel-Quality Pillows

DOUXE Hotel Luxury prefers hotel-quality pillows. Drift away on the pillows from the superior collection. The luxurious hotel pillows are made from top-quality materials and are used in hotels such as the Mainport Design Hotel, Pulitzer Amsterdam, Hotel Okura, and the Bilderberg Hotels. They are extremely comfortable to sleep on and are available in different sizes and fillings. A hotel bed is typically equipped with two to four down pillows and two reading pillows with synthetic filling.


Is a down pillow suitable for someone with a house dust mite allergy? A down pillow is absolutely suitable if you suffer from a house dust mite allergy. Our pillows have a NOMITE certificate. This means they are resistant to house dust mites and that you can enjoy the luxury and comfort of a down pillow. Read more information about allergies here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine the desired firmness of my pillow?

You are a side sleeper
As a side sleeper, you are best suited to choose a medium to firm pillow. You can choose between a synthetic option or a natural filling of down and feathers. The synthetic option generally feels firmer and is slightly more resilient. A filling of feathers and down ventilates better and provides softer support.

You are a back sleeper
Sleeping on your back is by far the best position for your spine and neck. To ensure that your spine and neck stay in a nice straight line, we recommend choosing a medium to firm pillow. The hollow in the neck is then well filled and supported correctly. Our hotel size 50x90 is extremely suitable for this purpose, as the pillow is narrower and therefore ensures a better distribution of the filling. The synthetic option generally feels firmer and is slightly more resilient. A filling of feathers and down ventilates better and provides softer support.

You are a stomach sleeper
When sleeping on your stomach, the neck is always twisted. This is not beneficial for your body, and we even recommend sleeping without a pillow or with the softest possible pillow. We have various soft options for you to choose from. A filling of feathers and down provides the softest support.

What types of pillow fillings are available?

Are you looking for a pillow with a distinct, luxurious hotel feel? At DOUXE, we offer excellent types of pillow fillings, both with superior properties that contribute to comfortable sleep and a luxurious sleep experience.

Premium down and feather pillows
Our beautiful DOUXE pillows are filled with a combination of 30% down and 70% feathers, and our body pillows with a combination of 90% feathers and 10% down. The combination of these natural materials provides a premium sleep experience.

Microfiber-filled pillows
We also have pillows filled with 100% microfiber imitation down. Thanks to the innovative composition, these pillows sleep excellently and are also easy to maintain. This pillow filling is suitable for almost everyone and is also available in a hypoallergenic variant for extra sleeping pleasure. Microfiber filling is available for every desired support level: firm, medium, and soft. All provide you with a very pleasant sleeping comfort.

Due to the flexible properties of the filling, you can easily mold your pillow into the desired shape without losing its resilience.

How are the pillows finished?

All our pillows are finished with a high-quality cover. This fabric fits snugly around your pillow, is made of 100% finely woven cotton, and is down-proof. Thanks to the lightweight cotton cover, you achieve even greater sleeping comfort.

Our products are developed with care and attention by skilled craftsmen. All DOUXE pillows are manufactured in Austria. The materials are handcrafted by expert seamstresses. As a result, our products have a very high level of finishing that cannot be achieved by any machine in the world.

I'm allergic to down and feathers. What is a suitable pillow for me?

Sensitivity to down and feathers is very rare. Often, a down and feather allergy is confused with dust mite allergy. All our DOUXE pillows are NOMITE certified. The NOMITE certification indicates that the product is suitable for people with dust mite allergies. An alternative is a pillow with a synthetic filling such as the Okura and Bilderberg pillows.

What are the benefits of high-quality hotel pillows?

At DOUXE, we prefer hotel-quality pillows. Standard Dutch pillows are not wide enough to make the bed nicely and the height does nothing for your comfort. Hotel pillows, on the other hand, are much wider at 90 cm or 100 cm, beautifully spanning the full width of the bed. It's no wonder that hotel beds always look so beautifully made. Hotel pillows play a significant role in this.

Additionally, hotel pillows also provide more support. With a height of 50 cm, hotel pillows offer more support in the hollow of the neck because the filling, with limited height, cannot move. With your head, you cover only a small part of the pillow surface. The pillow sinks in at the bottom, and the filling moves upwards. You don't need all that space in height. You even prefer not to have it because you want the hollow of your neck to be properly filled.

You will drift off into blissful dreams on the pillows from this superior collection. The luxury hotel pillows are made of premium materials and are used, among others, in the Mainport Design Hotel, Pulitzer Amsterdam, Hotel Okura, and the Bilderberg Hotels. They are extremely comfortable to sleep on and are available in different sizes and fillings. A hotel bed is typically equipped with two to four down pillows and two pillows with a synthetic filling. For an extra luxurious look and real hotel comfort, choose the pillows that take up the full width of your bed. Thanks to their unique shape, they look stunning in your bedroom. Within this collection, you can choose a specific support level: firm, medium, soft, and combinations thereof.

Which pillow is best for neck, back, or shoulder pain?

If you wake up with pain in your neck, back, or shoulders, it's likely that the support for your neck and head during the night has been insufficient. It's important to ensure that your muscles are relaxed during your sleep and remain so. With this goal in mind, you should choose your pillow accordingly. It's good to know that it's best to replace a pillow every two years. This is because the filling gradually wears out due to frequent use.

What is the origin of the feathers and down?

Our feathers and down come from Germany and Eastern Europe (Carpathians). They are certified feathers and down with a zero tolerance standard. All feathers and down products from DOUXE have the Downpass certificate and can be traced with a unique control number. The Downpass certificate guarantees that the feathers and down are produced responsibly and originate from strictly controlled and traceable supply chains. Animal welfare and transparency of the supply chain are central. With the Downpass certificate, you can be sure that no live plucking or force-feeding of animals has been used for the products.

What is eco down or micro down?

A synthetic filling material that provides the same feel as down fillings.

What is the difference between feathers/down and synthetic?

A natural filling of feathers and down regulates temperature better and ventilates more effectively. DOUXE synthetic microfiber filling, sourced from Germany, provides the same airy feeling as a down filling. A synthetic filling offers slightly more resilience and is sometimes perceived as slightly warmer.

Allergic to dust mites?

Then a pillow made of feathers and down is perfect for you. Due to the good ventilation of feathers and down, this pillow is absolutely not a favorable living environment for dust mites. If you have a dust mite allergy, we recommend a pillow with a natural filling precisely because of the good ventilation. Additionally, this pillow is also NOMITE certified, which means that the densely woven cover forms a natural barrier against mites.