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Luxury scent experience of a five-star hotel in your own home with the ZENOLOGY house perfume hotel collection

Home fragrance: How does scent influence your mood?

Did you know that scent can positively influence our mood and the way we experience a space? It has been proven that the right fragrances can stimulate, calm or even help us to concentrate. Discover the luxury hotel collection of interior perfume by ZENOLOGY and create a fragrance experience in your own home that will make you feel optimally relaxed.

With a well-chosen interior perfume, you can transform your home into a temple where you can relax undisturbed. And not unimportant: it can help remove undesirable odours that are caused by cooking, for example. And although we love our pets very much and do everything for them, we do want to make sure that the smell does not dominate. With the ZENOLOGY house perfume collection, you can give every room in your house just that little bit extra. Subdivide your home and use different fragrances to do so. Sit back and relax, breathe in, and imagine yourself in a luxury hotel where you can relax and unwind.

What is a home perfume?

With an interior spray or a house perfume, you are one step away from giving every room in your house a personal touch, creating an invigorating atmosphere.  With a simple push on the nozzle of your room spray, you spread your favourite fragrance. In the blink of an eye, you can 'colour' each room with a different scent. This is how you give your home an invisible makeover, which can do wonders for the mood of you and any guests. Moreover, the luxurious flacon can be seen, and can therefore also be an ornamental part of your interior.

How do you create a luxurious scent experience at home with a home perfume?

Scent has the wonderful power to stimulate the senses. It allows us to forge emotional connections and create an experience that you can recall when you smell that same scent again. That one holiday in Bali in that hotel with that beautiful lobby full of Indian hardwood furniture and the smell of green tea and white orchid? Or that beautiful hotel in Scotland where you enjoyed the subtle scent of a burning fireplace and Darjeeling tea. One spray, and you are there again. The ambient fragrances of the ZENOLOGY hotel collection have been carefully designed to form a symbiosis between people and their environment. Each of the seven luxurious ZENOLOGY fragrances tells a different story, and with just one spray, transforms your room into an oasis of peace and memory.

Which home perfume is right for me?

Which house perfume or scent suits you and your home depends on your personal preferences. Fragrances evoke emotions and can take you back, with the snap of a finger, to a special journey or a memorable stay in a hotel for example. Discover the fresh scents of a field of flowers, a lime, or the warm smell of vanilla or cedar wood, and find the fragrance for you. 

Most home fragrances are described in one of the following ways:

Floral Fresh Sweet Fruity Spicy Pure

A floral home fragrance is often referred to as a fine fragrance and is associated with romance, seduction and passion. Do you want to go back to your wedding night in that one luxury hotel in Paris? Then it is an excellent idea to fill your bedroom with this scent. 

The fresh house perfume is again ideal to refresh your surroundings. They provide the ultimate hygiene experience. Fresh fragrances, such as lemon, orange and lime are often associated with energy and refreshment. 

All home fragrances that can be described as both very sweet and fresh fall under the fruity fragrance. The main ingredients are therefore various fruits and green notes.

There are also different types of spicy home fragrances. The main ingredients of spicy home fragrances consist mainly of various types of flowers, spices and wood. The spicy notes are often associated with mysterious and heavy fragrances from the Middle East, Africa and South America. These are recommended for the cold winter months, or if you are looking for focus, these fragrances will wake you up!

What are notes in a home fragrance?

Fragrance notes are the building blocks that make up the layers of a perfume. Nuts are distinguished on the basis of their volatility: the speed with which a fragrance dissipates.

Every home fragrance is made up of three distinct layers of notes: top notes, heart notes and base notes

Top notes are the first notes you smell, they are light and volatile. They determine the first impression of the fragrance, but only remain perceptible for half an hour. Then they give way to the heart and base notes of your perfume. Common top notes are fresh citrus-like, spicy and aromatic notes.

Heart notes are not immediately noticeable. It is only when the top notes have faded that the heart notes blossom. It can take up to 15 minutes for the heart notes to emerge. Once the heart notes are clearly identifiable, you can enjoy these beautiful, often woody notes for up to five hours. The heart notes form together with the base notes the core of each house perfume.

The base notes of your perfume are the notes you keep smelling the longest. Typical base notes are for example sandalwood, musk or vanilla.

The ZENOLOGY fragrances: that's just the way to go

Everyone has heard of scented candles or scented sticks. But an even easier way to make your home smell wonderful is to use an interior fragrance. The ZENOLOGY luxury interior sprays are available in a bottle that is finished with a spray cap and comes in a beautiful packaging. Ideal as a gift for yourself or a loved one. Each of the exclusive home fragrances by ZENOLOGY tells a different story, and provokes a different emotion.

The ZENOLOGY interior perfume hotel collection consists of seven luxury fragrances, available in 70 ml and 300 ml. Our house fragrances, Black Tea, Fig and Mandarin Green Tea, are also available in 1000 ml:

Black Tea

The Black Tea house perfume is made from leaves of the Camellia Sinesis and fills every room with its delicious and purifying woody scent.

Mandarin Green Tea

The fresh oils in this luxurious interior fragrance release a fine mist of invigorating energy through the subtle scent of juicy mandarin peel, white flowers and green tea.

Sycamore Fig

The ZENOLOGY Sycamore Fig is a refined and warm home fragrance. All the elements of the fig tree: the freshness of its succulent leaves, the warmth of its wood and the sensuality of its ripe fruit all come together in one harmony.


The interior perfume Pomegranate by ZENOLOGY is a rich and voluminous fragrance with rich elements of juicy pomegranate and taifroos. The Ambiance Trigger Pōmum Grānātum becomes more mysterious as it dries, with warm notes of incense and dark wood.


The ZENOLOGY Tobacco Wood interior fragrance is full and opulent, a fine balance between sweetness and spice. Gilded with powdery facets of orris and saffron, the dry tobacco gives off a warm woody accord with lingering vanilla and cocoa.


ZENOLOGY's Bakhoor is a liquid version and a new way to perfume the house with the oriental blend of geranium and white flowers, mixed with rich spices such as cardamom, cumin and saffron on a base of woody amber.


The ZENOLOGY Titio house perfume contains a gourmand rich woody composition with notes of smoked black Darjeeling tea, also called the "champagne of tea". Slightly smoky, it gives off a wonderful fragrance of tea, wood and spices.

How did the ZENOLOGY home perfume hotel collection come about?

ZENOLOGY originated in the hotel industry and was initially designed to introduce fragrances into hotel rooms of luxury five-star hotels. With ZENOLOGY's trigger spray mechanism, a single spray from the ambience trigger is enough to perfume an entire room. And now you can do this in your own home, too!

All ZENOLOGY products are free of ingredients that are harmful to the skin and the environment, are cruelty-free and contain no artificial colourings.

In which hotels are ZENOLOGY home fragrances used?

ZENOLOGY originated in the hotel industry and is designed to enhance the hotel experience through the comfort of quality and the power of scent. The fragrance Mandarin Green Tea can be experienced in luxury hotels such as the Librije's Hotel, the Kanuhura Hotel in the Maldives and the Sircle Hotel Collection in Amsterdam.

Sycamore Fig can be found in the luxurious Penta Hotels and in the QO Hotel in Amsterdam. Black Tea, made from leaves of the Camellia Sinesis, fills every room with its delicious and purifying woody scent and can be experienced in beautiful hotels such as the Andaz Hotel in Amsterdam, The Unbound Boutique Hotel in Amsterdam and the Collector Boutique Hotel in The Hague.

Let yourself be tempted by one of our fragrances. Turn your home into a haven of peace, coolness, freshness, or that one private island in the Maldives where you celebrated your 30th birthday. It is all possible. Spray yourself into luxury, wherever you are.