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Inspired by exclusive hotels in tropical resorts, these sheets bring a touch of opulence to your bedroom.
  • 100% washed linen from Portugal: Our pillowcases are carefully crafted from 100% washed linen, with every detail given attention. Portuguese craftsmanship shines through in every stitching.
  • Weave structure: The loose weave structure ensures optimal air circulation, maintaining freshness and dryness even in warmer climates.

Durable bed linen

Linen bedding is known for its durability and luxurious, soft feel. But did you know that it gets even better with time? As you use and wash the bedding more often, it gets softer and more comfortable. This is because the natural fibres relax more and more and the linen retains its natural softness. This makes bedding not only nice to sleep in, but also a sustainable long-term investment.

What is washed linen?

Gewassen linnen verwijst naar linnen textiel dat een speciaal wasproces heeft ondergaan voordat het wordt gebruikt voor beddengoed, kleding of andere toepassingen. Tijdens dit proces wordt het linnen gewassen en soms ook voorgewassen om het zachter te maken, een natuurlijke kreuk te geven en om eventuele krimp te minimaliseren. Dit resulteert in een stof die al vanaf het begin comfortabel en soepel aanvoelt, waardoor het ideaal is voor gebruik in beddengoed, waar comfort en duurzaamheid belangrijk zijn. Het gewassen linnen behoudt nog steeds de duurzaamheid en ademend vermogen waar linnen om bekend staat, maar met toegevoegd comfort en een ontspannen uitstraling.
It is true that percal creases more at first. With use and washing, the fibres become increasingly supple, making it less and less wrinkly. It also helps to pull the bed linen tight and let it air dry. Percal dries quickly, so does not necessarily need to be tumble-dried. Also follow the washing instructions.

What makes duvet covers hotel quality?

DOUXE has developed a high-quality collection of luxury hotel-quality duvet covers produced in Portugal. Our bed linen is made of 100% certified Egyptian cotton, Satin or Percal woven and of luxurious quality with high Thread Count (thread density). So you can also experience the five-star feel of a hotel at home!

The most memorable overnight stays are generally those in a luxury hotel. This has to do with relaxation, a feeling of being 'away', and the many new impressions you process during the night that cause you to fall into a deep sleep. But also, of course, to the quality of the bedding. Five-star hotels spend a lot of time selecting the finest bedding. Think thickly filled yet lightweight down duvets, down mattress toppers (Featherbeds) and bed linen made of 100% Egyptian percal cotton. And that's not for nothing; The main reason why guests prefer one hotel over another is the bed. Therefore, the bed better be fantastic. Every layer of these beds is thicker, softer and more unforgettable. We develop the finest bed products for these classy hotels and for us, hotel quality means the right combination of lying comfort, durability and choice of materials. A five-star feeling in your own bedroom guaranteed!

What size duvet cover do I need?

The size of the duvet cover depends on the size of the duvet. The most common single duvet size is 140 cm wide and 220 cm long. For a double duvet size, it is 240 cm wide x 220 cm long.

If you need a new duvet with cover and don't know which size to choose, the mattress size is a good starting point.

For 160 cm or 180 cm wide mattresses, a 240 cm wide duvet looks best.

For a 200 cm wide mattress, a 260 cm wide duvet with cover looks best. The length depends on the length of the mattress. A 220 cm length fits a 200 cm to 220 cm long mattress.

What is the difference between a fitted sheet and a sheet?

Hotels often opt for a sheet when making up the mattress. A sheet is easier to professionally clean and press. For at home, we recommend using a fitted sheet. The fitted sheet has elastic and is therefore easy and tight to make up. It is very important to choose a good size fitted sheet to prevent shifting.